John Foley, the man who handcuffed himself to a Goodison Park goalpost last night, has had his actions explained by the blog which chronicles his protests against Ryan Air.

'Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley staged a peaceful protest last night at Goodison Park where Michael O'Leary was in attendance as Horse Racing and Manchester City is his passion.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to apologise to Everton F.C , Manchester City, stewards and all fans except O'Leary the scammer for any upset coursed by this protest. John Foley has many Family and Friends who support Everton but he himself is a Liverpudlian. The issues of young people being recruitment scammed at Ryanair needs to be told'

The protest is related to Mr Foley's daughter being dismissed by Ryan Air during her probation period. Both father and daughter (pictured below with Steven Gerrard) are Liverpool supporters which has made some Everton supporters even more irritated. You can find out more Mr Foley's gripe against Ryan Air (and some of his points are quite concerning - especially regarding treatment of a particular pilot) by reading his blog.

Everton fans aren't very sympathetic and have made comments including: 

"You broke up an attacking move and could have cost us the game. Being an RS fan why didn't you wait until City were playing them? - too frightened of a lifetime ban i guess, but no scruples about screwing up a Toffees match. I hope the police throw the book at you."

"Disgusts me that you had the audacity to interrupt a game of football in that manner and also the way you spoke to Phil Neville & treated the police! Do yourself a favour and protest where people will actually care, alls you did was irritate the fans and possibly get a fine for my beloved club! Silly man, the only attention you got was getting booed & chanted at! I hope you got nothing out of your protest pathetic man!"

"Why couldn't you have done this at Eastlands, or at Anfield when Liverpool play City? Don't see why you had to bring EFC into it. Fed up reading on the internet about the 'EFC fan in goalpost handcuff protest'."

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