GK               peter Schmeicel


DF  gary neville  Rio ferdinand  DUNCAN EDWARDS        Roger Byrne 


MF Ronaldo  B. Charlton B , Robson R . Giggs


FW  Best  Cantona


no stam, no Bruce,No Beckham, no Keane,, no Rooney 


there can be no argument re peter Schmeicel 



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I think we can only pick players we've seen, or that's what I'd want to do anyway.


Let me have a think.

Since this was posted in general football I'll have a go at my Liverpool XI:




Babbel  Carragher   Hyypia    Arbeloa


  Alonso   Mascherano 


McManaman     Gerrard        Berger




Bench: Dudek, Agger, Riise, Hamann, Redknapp, Kuyt, Torres



I just picked the team of the top of my head, only realising now which players I've left out:


Owen - the 3rd best striker I've seen but didn't really fit into this team

Rush, Barnes and Jones - as I only saw the tail end of their careers

Garcia - tough choice between him and Kuyt

and I've left out most of our current players apart from Reina who is clearly the best keeper I've seen and Carra who gets in for his '04-'08 form.


I really struggled to come up with one good left back from the last 15 years. Enrique's already well on his way to becoming the best left back I've seen at the club!


It's the only way to pick these teams though. It'd be more ridiculous if I included Alan Stubbins and Billy Liddell when no-one on here would have ever seen them play.



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