Need I say more?

What are they waiting for, this has a feel of RDM all over again. Get rid now that he has lost 90% of the fans.

I want stability, changing managers every 5 minutes is no good, but I can see it is not working, he has had a run and things are not improving. Yes I firmly believe that it is only results that matter, but he hasn't been getting the results. Those 3 draws should have been 2 wins and a draw, then I would still be on his side.

Letting Elphick go when we are in desperate need of defensive cover, was madness, combined with the inept performances at Burton and Sheff U. Time's up.

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Got to agree if it’s left and not dealt with now things will turn badly against him and in recent times we have seen these things not dealt with soon enough reflect in the players and performance.

You could see on Saturday the dropped shoulders and slow reactions. He talks the talk but that’s all.

He has to go now it’s perfect timing, the international break gives time to bed in the new bloke.

But please no has beens Fat SAM and that other bloke from Everton no thank you if that’s the choice stick with the muppet.

Bit unfair on RDM! He never had anything like the time Bruce has been given time and time again.

Bruce said today the team must play better. Why is it so difficult? Loads of managers in the Championship with much weaker teams who survive and even prosper simply because the manager has them playing as a team, doing the right things, week after week.

The miracle ain't going to happen. It's not suddenly going to click. We may improve enough to start winning, with difficulty. But it won't take us anywhere. Get a manager who knows how to manage and coach a team.

They won't get rid of him yet.

They will see how he goes with his new loans as the players he has are in his words , not good enough.

I read he is trying to get JT in again.

Stinks of desperation to me.

Well if they back him and sign Terry then Bruce will stay for now.

The fact is though he deserves to be sacked

Agree totally JDHS .

Main problem would be who would we replace him with ? .

He is being backed as he would of been sacked by now.

I believe they are looking for a new coach now as prior to Saturday's result we were unbeaten so he hadn'tdone much wrong, except shite football.

Once they find a coach, a couple if weeks, Bruce would of had a couple of more games with all his signings but if we were struggling still , they would have the perfect reason to sack him , whilst looking fair.

John Terry is not the answer or a short fix.

It would take him a month to get his fitness for our tough league back.

Even then, yes he's a good squad leader but he's yo slow now.

Struggled at the back end of last season and like most didn't even play well at Wembley.

We are stuck with this defence till January.

May be Bruce might help himself by playing people in the correct position.

Look, flying pig!

If/when Bruce gets sacked it'll be when the owners have determined the way forwards and are ready to put it into place. So the fact he's still here doesn't mean he's safe. Wouldn't like to be in his shoes because he must know that.

Fact is, we haven't the faintest what is actually going on. The owners might have taken the decision to stick whatever, although I'd be very surprised. As to replacements, when you have ambitious owners at a club then there's a lot more choice available.

JT would make a massive difference; you only have to look at how solid the defence was last season. That's in spite of him being slow. My guess is that he's training with Chelsea at the moment, not up to match fitmess but not far off.

Well, he's still here. But looks like JT is going to Moscow. What do you make of that?

If it's true, then the owners have turned down Bruce's request for JT. So either Bruce will be soldiering on with what he's got, or the owners are looking for a replacement. My reading, anyway. Think the latter is more likely because if they're sticking with Bruce they must know he'd be better off with JT.

Really don't get why JT would want to go to Russia and its reported he is only getting £40,000 a week, didn't he get £60,000 at Villa?

That must say something about our new owners ability to say NO!

So without JT where does that leave our defence, Hull have a decent centre Half a young kid called Elphick pity we didn't get him!

Only one solution before its too late in my view get rid of Bruce NOW.

Report is JT would get £1.8m after tax. Probably over 8 months so say £56,000 pw. tax free. Equivalent to around £100K pw before tax.

The international break has come and gone. Still no CB, Bruce still in charge.

We go again.


He had better play Tammy and Kodjia upfront, but he won't

I'm bored now........

In his interview today he said "We can now move on and knuckle down with our season, which, in essence, is just about to start"

Sorry Steve, it started 6 weeks ago. Didn't you notice? Did you think we were still in pre-season?



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