Need I say more?

What are they waiting for, this has a feel of RDM all over again. Get rid now that he has lost 90% of the fans.

I want stability, changing managers every 5 minutes is no good, but I can see it is not working, he has had a run and things are not improving. Yes I firmly believe that it is only results that matter, but he hasn't been getting the results. Those 3 draws should have been 2 wins and a draw, then I would still be on his side.

Letting Elphick go when we are in desperate need of defensive cover, was madness, combined with the inept performances at Burton and Sheff U. Time's up.

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Cracking goal by Conor.

But I ask once again Has he gone yet? With our squad we should be putting 3 or 4 past Blackburn.

Come on boys get rid.

Got to agree Bosco I don’t care that he has won promotion 4 times he is past it he hasn’t got a clue, once again he has been saved by a player he isn’t playing.

He says he’s lost half of last seasons team, well we wouldn’t be in this shite if he had won promotion and it would matter.

He has to go.

Agree with the above posts .

Time to face facts Villa under Bruce are treading water at best .

With the squad he has at his disposal Villa should be putting teams like Blackburn away with ease not relying on a last gap equaliser to salvage a point .

Time to get rid of Bruce you do not get promoted with draws or defeats get someone in who can make better use of our squad it is a better squad than the recent results we have had .

New manager new ideas and then we may see a improvement in our results. 



How many nails does a coffin have to have?

We have good players, possibly a better team than last season bar the loss of John Terry. The look of frustration on Abraham's face said it all. Good players need a proper structure to the team and a plan, to perform to their best. Bruce is hopeless at either.

The poor transfer policy is shown by the number of players we now have queuing just to get onto the bench. In the meantime Elphick played for Hull who kept a clean sheet, in their 2-0 win, for the first time this season.

Bruce is now talking about time to build a team. Basically he hasn't a clue.

I'd be surprised if the owners haven't already decided to replace him. My guess is that it's down to putting the bits in place for his replacement. A new manager would have to sort out an over-abundance of players but an unbalanced squad, but it desperately needs sorting out anyway.

Just watched the Wolves game and was taken by their boss Nuno Gomes. When Adama was sent on he had his arm around his shoulders, pep talk and a couple of love taps around his chops.

I can't imagine Bruce having the same effect.

We need a change, I bet the last words out of Bruce's mouth every game, just as the players are going out on the field are "Don't concede". Mine would be play on the front foot and have a go.

I haven't watched any of our games yet this season (probably just as well or I might be even more depressed!!). But from what I have read it just sounds like we are scared to play. Or are we not capable of playing like that? Are they shackled or just not good enough? Lets play 4-4-2 and outscore our opponents surely we have the ability.

Time for a change, but it will be like last season, he'll likely get a result in mid week which buys him a couple more games.

Frustrating isn't it!

Especially frustrating that Bruce trades on his 4 promotions "I know how to do it", whereas Nuno Gomes never managed in the England before and won promotion. What happened to its a tough league? You need experience, Ive done it 4 times, well Gomes proves that to be Bullshite.

Bruce out sooner the better.

Don't think it's so much scared to play, as lack of a plan, lack of organisation, so ineffective.  Our build-up is so slow that their defence has plenty of time to get into position. Adomah has been criticised for poor crosses but the fact is when he gets into a good position for a cross there's hardly anybody in a forward position to cross to, and anybody who is is surrounded by defenders. Why play Elmo on the wing, where he's now too slow, when he's bought a fast winger in El Ghazi?

We looked a lot better when Kodjia came on; he and Abraham up front could really give us an edge. But it's pretty obvious Bruce will only play 2 up front when things get desperate.



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