Are SKY correct in terminating the contract of Andy Gray?


Was what he said sufficient or do you think there's more to it?

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Is this like when the 606 hosts decide to create an article? Nifty...


Anyway - employment law dictates that you cannot be racist, sexist, or discriminate against any one. If Andy Gray feels the way he does, his comments should have remained private. He signed a contract detailing this. But by committing three said offences of sexism AT THE WORK PLACE, Sky had no alternative but to fire him.


1. In the studio w/ Richard Keys - albeit off air, but they were still mic'd up and at work.

2. On the sideline prior to the game w/ I can't remember his name.

3. In the studio in December w/ Charlotte Jackson. (see TalkSport website).


Bottom line is, Ron Atkinson got fired for off air, yet caught on mic, racist comments, so Andy Gray's sacking is a necessity.


As you can tell, I'm completely against any form of discrimination. Now, my next target is Sheila's frickin' Wheels...

Yeah, what I thought was could just have a generic one every day or two.


Or pick the best that the members write.


Have you seen the new Keys video where he talks about Redknapp 'hanging out the back' of someone?

I think that Andy can have few complaints as what he said was clearly very disrespectful. However, I have heard rumours that there may be more to this than meets the eye with Gray sueing NOTW (one of Rupert Murdoch's papers) and Sky apparently looking for an excuse to oust Gray. The fact that Keys remains adds weight to these rumours.


All in all, I think he deserved to go but the double standards are a little disappointing with regards to Keys. I'm in a bit of a minority in believing that Andy is a very capable analyst and will be a loss to Sky, even if he has some traits that are less than endearing.

If you get a chance search out the new Keys video!
Tried to there but looks like youtube have deleted all the links to it. He's on borrowed time though I suspect.

I'm actually quite saddened by the sacking of Andy Gray to be honest. I'm with Merry on this one, I quite like the man to be honest. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but I thought he was very good at his job. However, maybe it's time for Sky to bring in some new blood. Anyone have any ideas on who that could be?


Both Gray and Keys are quite outspoken off air. I remember Keys saying something about Scotland whenever Sky Sports were showing the highlights of one of their European Championship Qualifiers against the Faroe Islands a while back which is on youtube. I'll see if I can find it.

I always feel sorry for someone when they get sacked, the work buddies aspect.


However you can see why it happened and apparently he was on around 30k a week!


Basically the Keys vid is Redknapp, Souness and Keys in studio and someone asks Redknapp about a girl he used to know.


Souness says he knew her mum and Keys says to Redknapp 'did you bash it?'


Redknapp looks a bit embarrassed and says he actually went out with her.


keys says something like 'Of course you bashed it you're Redknapp, bet you were round every night, redknapp hanging out the back of it every night'


It's only him that takes that line, like when you've got someone at work who goes a bit too far.

I remember the Faroes one. He was knocking the Faroes as opposed to Scotland, calling it a little shithole or something to that effect.

Here's the video.


He doesn't actually say anything about Scotland, just about the game itself and the ground where it's played.

When either of you are ready, feel free to start a thread on a team board.

There has to be more to it, surely, or we can at least infer that there is a pattern of behaviour here. Perhaps some other women about the place who felt he'd made disparaging remarks in the past about them came forward? I thought that Keys video was also pretty telling. Fools.

But AG seems to be one of those who thinks he's bigger than everything and can say what he likes. He probably thinks that because they were paying him all that money to spout rubbish week after week! God complex... 



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