Are SKY correct in terminating the contract of Andy Gray?


Was what he said sufficient or do you think there's more to it?

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I wonder if he refused to apologise.
Could be, you might think he was trying to brazen it out thinking he'd be beyond censure? Will be interesting to see how this develops over the next while!

Just a few quick questions about the sight.


1) How many people are in charge of maintaining the site?


2) How often do you think you'll change the top story?


3) Do you reckon this site will be able to handle the traffic if it gets to the same size as 606?


4) Are you making any money out of the sight and, if not, how long do you reckon you'll be able to maintain the sight?



1)  We have a web design company so have a lot of those resources at hand.


2)  How often do you think?  Every day or two probably, and then when something earth shattering happens.  Things is I'd try to keep it as general football so as not to upset anyone.


3)  The site is on the same platform as the IPL forum, which has over 700,000 users, so scale isn't an issue.


4) No, I'm not but I'll be totally honest and say I'm not ruling that out.  Of course the site would always be free but maybe we'd look at sponsorship rather than advertising to cover costs.  Can't see there's a fortune to be made to be honest. 

I'm happy with that :-) You can count me in.

Just seen a tweet saying Keys has resigned...not sure of its truth.


What a debacle!

Keys made a complete fool of himself on Talksport today, was all over Twitter.


Trying to paint himself as the victim and talking about how he and Andy had got Sky Sports to where it is.  Then went on to suggest there were dark forces at work and he knew where some bodies were buried.

Yes that 'dark forces' comment was completely surreal...I only listened to a clip, but at least he apologised, so I'll give him that one.


Still don't really understand why it matters what gender you are if you can do the job?

They should definitely know better but, if sexism is such a big issue (and I know lots of people have posted the same thing on 606) why the hell is Loose Women still on the air ?!
Loose Women has put the female sex back 20 years.
Gray should never, ever be allowed to use broadcasting equipment ever again. I'm just glad me dressing up as a linesman....ahem....lineswoman.....AHEM, match official, did the trick. I've been trying to get the old sot sacked for nearly a decade.
Dirk Diggler strikes again!



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