Are SKY correct in terminating the contract of Andy Gray?


Was what he said sufficient or do you think there's more to it?

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 Surely that would be Dig Dirkler? Oooooh I like that, is there still time to get myself banned again on 606 and make it out of pre-mod just to display such a fine name?
Maybe. Or maybe instead of the average Brazilian, you could somehow incorporate him into your name?

Ah, I see what you mean about the suit now Im-p!!!  I'm a bit slow on the uptake at the moment so I've become a tortoise.


Anyway glad to see the back of those two.  It will be interesting to see who takes over.

I can't see past Paddy Crerand for Gray's job to be honest.

Speaking as a female I have to say that a bit of banter and mickey taking is something I have always enjoyed. I am never malicious, rude or crude and I expect the same rules applied when I am on the receiving end of banter and mickey taking myself. I am VERY clear about the lines that can't be crossed and will tell someone if I am offended.


I've now seen/ heard the three incidents involving Keys and Gray. The comments to the presenter in the studio in December seemed to be a spur of the moment one off quip.  A bit saucy but not exactly a hanging offence. But I don't know if Gray has form for constant unwarranted and unwanted comments in this vein or worse and if he had particularly targeted the young lady in question. If that were the case and if he knew he was being offensive, it would put a different light on his actions and I'd want him sanctioned.

The touchline comments,and the comments with Keys. I wasn't so much offended as annoyed with. The pair of them gave their opinions based on little or no knowledge of Sian Massey's abiltiy as a match official, but just because she was a female. It did not come across as mickey taking, a bit of fun or banter it came across as two prejudiced people. They didn't intend the comments to be in the public domain but now they are.

Their off air comments contrasted sharply with their on air comments and they have shown themselves to be foolish and hypocritical at best and prejudiced at worst.  Sacking anyone is a big step, but I imagine that Gray's and Keys' contracts would include a no disrepute clause which clearly would have been breeched. They've certainly given Sky a publicity nightmare. The contrasting comments show they will say one thing while thinking another so would anyone believe they were sorry?

I wasn't a fan of Keys or Gray but they've been daft and paid for it. The thing is you will always have people who make such comments and harbour such prejudices about colour, race, religion and gender  or any  manner of things. Everyone has the right to an opinion but you should have the brains and backbone to defend that opinion with evidence. That's really where the pair of them went wrong. If they'd stated they didn't believe female officials should be allowed because blah blah blah....then it probably wouldn't have caused such a fuss. But their petty remarks about females needing the offside rule explaining  reflected badly on them and not the official.

I agree.


For me, they were so mean-spirited, questioning her ability sight-unseen. You know they'd NEVER do that to a fella, they are always careful about that when they talk about a player/ref they would never say 'he's rubbish'.


Anyway, I hate sexism and its cousins, so I'd have come down hard on them if I were in charge.

You're right TCIR.  At least Paddy will be unbiased.


btw can we add smileys?  I want to whistle and wink.

mrschalky, that's probably one of the best made arguments I've read regarding the whole thing.

I think the media circus that exploded around the whole situation has cost two of the leading presenters in football their jobs. Im sure an apology would of sufficed, i wonder if a women making comments about a man would of caused such uproar? We all know it wouldnt

I do feel that in Andy Gray's case there is more to it especially in regards to Rupert Murdoch

Maybe football needs more female officials.


One of the "linesman" (yes a man) who's doing the Liverpool game at the moment gave an incorrect offside decision which didn't go in Liverpool's favour.


Exactly. Wonder what those lads would have said about him...


You know how it is, 'for me, he got that one wrong' is what we usually here, even when it's a rubbish call. At least the Torres call was close - he was on, but you could argue that it was level.

Keys was saying "smash it" not bash it, not that it makes much difference.

Er... I'm a tad mixed on this one. When I go for lunch with a work colleague we often banter about others in the workplace, I wouldn't consider these conversations to be governed by the HR department.

Also, a defence that has been offered 'loose women' horrible ugly bitches passing sexist comments on air!



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