Are SKY correct in terminating the contract of Andy Gray?


Was what he said sufficient or do you think there's more to it?

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i personally think there is alot more to this than what we've seen and i dont think we'll ever find out the full extent


But i would be nice to have some new fresh blood in with different opinions and veiws than the "norm"


that would be nice at FIFA too :)

If Gary Neville gets it, as is rumoured, it will be a nightmare for United supporters.


Everything will come with even more accusations of bias.

i would think Gary would be more contraversial than most. i think Tim Lovejoy would be good

Gray and Keys should have been given the boot a long time ago....because they are ridiculously bad at what they do.

But the way they went was disgraceful.

What annoys me is the apologies they made. They are both wealthy enough to be able to stick two fingers up at their employers and accusers and make a stand for the "Man in the street" against feminism gone mad.

That being said couldn't they port Stelling over to commentate and offer opinions on matchdays ?

I just hope they don't get the Yorath girl or Neville :-)

I've only just noticed this article... I've written one on the same subject and posted it on the Newcastle United board - never mind! ;0)


I think they were absolutely correct to sack Gray - he IS a dinosaur and had become very annoying even at the best of times. The nonsense relating to Charlotte Jackson is pretty outrageous and a bit suspect that it was not made more public sooner.

I can't really see why Keys wasn't sacked as well to be honest - I thought his comments were just as offensive and sexist as Gray's. Still, he's gone now and I wont expect to see him back on the TV anytime soon.

Reckon someone will pick up Andy Gray and give him a job, if not then he'll perhaps go to America, they'd love him over there, I bet! Keys was always too smarmy for me, as someone said somewhere, trying too hard to be one of the lads.


I vote for Kammy and Dean Windas...can you imagine the high-jinks?


Gary Neville however....


I can see it now. Andy Gray's late night football on FIVE with John Barnes and Pat Nevin.


Oh no not Windass. I can hardly understand the man. :)


Kammy though is a great shout. Absolutely love that man.

It would be a case of "I didn't see it Dean, I don't know Kammy, there's nothing really happening" with those two in the gantry! :)


But yes, I love Kammy.


Actually, read a blurb on the Mirror (erm) site this morning that Al Jazeera (sp) have come in for Keys and Gray...there is some comedy to be mined there, I think!

Are SKY correct in terminating the contract of Andy Gray?




Was what he said sufficient or do you think there's more to it?


Yes. Andy Gray has always been 'one of the lads'. Sky were content with this. Until Gray sued NoTW. Then Sky couldn't wait to release all the clips of him and stitch him up. 


It's amazing how people haven't even thought how they are even able to see/listen to these clips.



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