Thanks to @HelloImGary and @S00zster for sending us this.

How, erm, to create interest in fights by having an, erm, fight.


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Not sure if publicity stunt, or moronic.

If it's a publicity stunt then it is the dumbest one in history. Even if it was intended as a publicity stunt initially, the fact is that both fighters should be in jail and that goes for a few other people in that room too.

If anyone reading this is a lawyer I'd be very interested to know just how many laws were broken in that video. I lost count. Yet another example of celebs believing they are above the law - and being proved right.

On a separate issue, have you ever in your life seen anything more painfully stupid than a man sincerely threatening to kill another man whilst being filmed by a room packed full of reporters? Very, very embarrassing. I don't even care about boxing but I am embarrassed to be British after this.



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