he has Hepburn-Murphy, Doyle-Hayes and O’Hare on the bench PLUS that young lad Grealish.

Does he actually know what he is doing?

Must win game today, otherwise he’s at the job centre when they open on Tuesday 

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The man is a total idiotic clown - whatever the result today he must be 1st in line at the job centre !

Looks like:


Elmo Chester Elpick Hutton

Snoddy Jedi Hourihane Adomah

Onomah Hogan

Bench: Steer Bree Doyle-Hayes RHM O'Hare Grealish

Pretty mixed. Hutton at LB should give Adomah more support. But what on earth has Grealish done to be dropped in favour of Onomah?  Grealish and Hogan had the makings of a partnership.

Our main hope is that Pulis is even more cautious.

No point having them on the bench if it is just for show. He has to use them if his "plan" isn't working.

I hope for a win, doubt we'll get it.

Glad we nicked a win, I hope we can start another winning run, we need to if we are to get out of this division.

Drop Onomah, get the Villa kids on the bench and give them time to grow.

In Bruce I still don't trust, but happy today !!!!!

Glad we won but remain unimpressed 

A win is a win. Doesn't change things though. Football was pretty dire. We were probably the better team in the second half; Middlesborough weren't very good.

Onomah getting injured at least got Grealish on, where he should have been from the start. Apart from his goal don't think Snoddy did a lot. Other than that, think the players overall are good enough to get the odd win in spite of the manager.



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