I could not make any comment about the Wolves match until I was able to watch a re-run !

I am lost for words as to explain this idiot of a managers idea or tactics - I did not expect a positive result but I expected 'us to turn up' & at least try to play some kind of football - again we totally gave up on possession & allowed them to dictate making the result a forgone conclusion - Hutton by far man on of the match says it all !!

I do not doubt Wolves ability & I am sure they will be there or there abouts at end of season - But Villa

really should have been able to at least put their so called weak link defence under some sort of pressure.

Another crunch match arrives this weekend with a 'top 6 team'

Do we really have to put up with this clown ??

4 wins on the trot against championship fodder prove nought ! but he has failed again when presented with proper opposition

You lot were all suggesting 'WOW' 4 wins on the bounce - we are gonna win this league !

Me is even more more pissed off without my top 6 ouzo celebrations !

At least with my internet now improved I can watch the teams in the Championship 'play football'

& wonder why !!

At least Greek TV shows EPL & Champions League matches allowing me to sigh & think ??? 

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Come off it, don't think any of use were taken in by 4 wins on the bounce (against some of the weakest teams in the league). Me, it's not nearly enough to convince me that Bruce is good enough. It was good enough to ensure he wasn't sacked at the end of September; had to accept that. But he had to continue the run.

He hasn't, which is why this match is possibly, even probably, a must win one for him. Yet again. So far he's scrapped by by the skin of his teeth. Can't go on for ever like this though. Lose to Fulham and I reckon he'll be gone. Draw, and he's still on dodgy ground. We need to be going forwards not backwards.

Prediction? Not sure. Fulham play some attractive stuff but I think they'll be pushed to end up in the top six. But they could be too hot for us. Our weak link is, as seen against Wolves, is that we can't exploit other teams' weak links. We have to go out there set up to score goals, and Bruce has difficulty with that. Our midfield (Whelan) is too slow against teams which attack with pace. Our defence is also slow, Hutton apart, but is well organised enough that it can cope if midfield offer some protection. I'd like to think we'll go out there and attack with effect; we can do, but we won't.

If we don't, I can see Fulham nicking it, in which case we could well be looking for a new manager, which is what we need anyway. But just maybe we'll win, and Bruce will survive for a bit longer.

Greek, I think you have a drink problem as I don't think the majority of fans on this site lorded up Bruce m8.

I am convinced that he is not the man for us even more after that Wolves effort last weekend.

he showed he hasn't got a plan b as he didn't change things at half time when we were being outclassed in midfield by a good wolves team but not a great wolves team FFS.

Lose today and I still think he will be in a job as our owner will see us near the top 6 rather than bottom 6.

For me we should be nearer top 2 by now, nothing else.

Brisbane - I might have had a drink problem if we were in top 6 !

Where did I say the fans on here  were 'lording up Bruce' ???

My criticism of this clown remains the same. My comment was -

 You lot were all suggesting 'WOW' 4 wins on the bounce - we are gonna win this league !

McP got my comments correctly & agreed that this clown is not good enough.

Team: Johnstone, Elmo, Terry, Chester, Hutton, Snoddy, Onomah, Whelan, Hourihane, Adomah, Kodjia
Bench: Steer, de Laet, Samba, Thor, O'Hare, Hogan, Davis

Gone a bit defensive at home? If Hourihane or Onomah play further forwards could help, but not really sure what that line-up means.



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