Today we start our Chamionship season and I've really no idea what to expect!!

I was hoping we would have bought more players by now as I'm not sure what we have is good enough. Having seen Newcastle already beaten by a team who struggled last year, Sheffield Wednesday could easily beat us.

I'm happy with who we've bought and I think they will all play. Will be interesting to see who lines up with them.

I hope we'll see more of this apparent £30million plus that Tony said was available as the next couple of weeks go by. My guess is we'll struggle through August until RDM gets the players he wants. It's a long season though in this league and, often, a team low down in January goes on a run that gets them at least in the play offs.

Here's hoping that we get a season to enjoy after the last few years!!

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Not the best result but I half expected this .

The other teams we will play this season will see Villa as a major scalp if they win against us and they will raise there game accordingly this is a problem we will face all season hopefully our squad will settle down with the new additions in place and the dross shipped out and given time we may well seem results reflect this .
The New manager has also got to be given some time to get his ideas in place and working but not to much .
The squad I feel is still lacking some new blood let's hope we see more transfers coming in before this window is closed .
Totally of topic now just got back from working away and a holiday around 1 month .
What has happened to Sportswitness ? .
I have spent the last day or so trying to get logged back into my account and ended up having to set up a new profile with log in details ? .
Anyone else had similar problems ? .

Had some problems finding it on Google, when using my phone. For the first time, I can't get to it via 'sport witness aston villa' - strange.

Anyway, I think people need to realise that we were SO bad last season, SURVIVING in the Championship will actually be a result. I'm hopeful of better though. Every year in the Championship, about half of all the teams can win promotion. I feel that we are one of those dozen teams which can achieve it. Newcastle, Norwich, Wednesday, Brighton, Derby, Forest, Ipswich, Cardiff, Wolves, Blues etc will all feel the same.



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