Today we start our Chamionship season and I've really no idea what to expect!!

I was hoping we would have bought more players by now as I'm not sure what we have is good enough. Having seen Newcastle already beaten by a team who struggled last year, Sheffield Wednesday could easily beat us.

I'm happy with who we've bought and I think they will all play. Will be interesting to see who lines up with them.

I hope we'll see more of this apparent £30million plus that Tony said was available as the next couple of weeks go by. My guess is we'll struggle through August until RDM gets the players he wants. It's a long season though in this league and, often, a team low down in January goes on a run that gets them at least in the play offs.

Here's hoping that we get a season to enjoy after the last few years!!

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I too had hoped for more new signings but more than that had hoped that some of the problems had gone elsewhere.

It is what it is and we should be able to field a side to try at least and have a plan, two things missing last year in spades.

Got to be optimistic at this stage and it's on sky ( as well as Luton on Wednesday) any excuse to have a pint in the pub!

Team: Gollini, Hutton, Elphick, Baker, Cissokho, Westwood, Gardner, Bacuna, Ayew, McCormack, Gestede

Subs: Bunn, Okore, Richards, Amavi, Tshibola, Green, Grealish

Defence as I thought, also midfield, although wondered if Tshibola would displace Gardner or Westwwod. Glad Gardner's getting a chance; should soon know if he's good enough.

If he's playing 4-2-3-1 then looks like Grealish has been dropped to make way for McCormack. I'm basically OK with this selection. Wonder if some of those on the bench will face Luton. Surprised Richards is in there.

Let the fun begin! Hoping for a good start and it will be interesting to see what RDM can do with this bunch of players. Hoping we will be adding a couple of new faces as well. Don't know why - but I'm feeling quite optimistic- which is unusual for me!
Oh well! Not totally surprised we lost. A distinct lack of creativity which must be addressed soon!

Harsh. Gollini had looked solid until his mistake, we were fine defensively until then, except Cissokho looked dodgy. We looked the better team in the second half. McCormack looks a good signing. They were under pressure in the second half but at the moment we don't have that decisive cutting edge. Draw would have been fair and that's how it looked until Gollini's miskick.

If Wednesday are as good a Championship side as claimed, then we should make top half no trouble. We need more signings to be challenging for promotion.

One loss doesn't matter to much but we need to churn out performances like today or better match after match no matter how the results are going. Too early to tell whether we have that sort of resilience.

Why are we still picking the "losers" Hutton, Cissokho and Westwood from last season. Hutton was as slow as ever. Alice (Cissokho) offers nothing going forward and Westwood wasted 2 good scoring chances. I would hope that Amavi will replace Alice soon and Jedinak or Tshbola replace Westwood. We need to sign a decent right back or play Lyden there. I know it's early days, but we need to win the next 2 or 3 games, starting at Luton on Wednesday.

Couldn't agree more FV - Hutton, Cissokho and Westwood bring nothing to the team and I would add Bacuna

I thought that we had a chance in that game in spite of the above, we were shaping up well towards the end. Alice sold the keeper out with his back pass, I have never watched a game with so many back passes to the keeper.

Happy with the centre pairing of Elphic and Baker (apart from the back passes) if that's the best of the division we should get better and better when the new boys settle.

Yes Johny,  Baker and Elphick looked impressive. Baker is much improved on the ball and looks a more attacking threat. I also agree about Bacuna, him and Ayew are the most selfish footballers Villa have ever had. If they were more team players we would benefit. That chance that Ayew had when he tried to squeeze the ball into the near post instead of passing to a better positioned colleague.I would like to see either Grealish or Green used in the wide positions. I would also have liked to see Hepburn-Murphy on the bench instead of "loser" Richards.

Thought Bacuna did OK. He's the only midfielder who puts pressure on defences. wouldn't say Westwood wasted those chances; they weren't easy and he had a decent crack at them.

The match gave me hopes that the defence can cope at this level. Wednesday are supposed to be good but it was only our mistake which gave them the game. Cissokho needs replacing though, and if Bennett isn't up to it then another player is needed, as well as Amavi.

Work in progress.

Westwood, Bacuna and Cissokho are awful. I'm dismayed that they are still at the club, never mind getting a game.

At least Gabby and Lescott are seemingly on their way out. The sooner the better. I'm alright with Richards staying. Things are slowly coming together and I think we will be OK. Let's see how the squad and League table look on the 1st of September and take it from there.

lets hope its true that 2 more of the should never wear the shirt again mob are moving. Agree on Westwood and Cissokho but think Bacuna could be a good player for us over the season,he isnt a trouble maker,just put his foot in his mouth once.We have all done this once or twice,just magnified ten fold by the internet being a pro footie player.

its still looking better already under RDM so lets enjoy the ride.

Despite the idiotic 'Champions League' comments and the insensitive posting of him lounging about on the beach, the main problem I have with Bacuna is that he isn't good enough. Oh and there was still the suspicion of him deliberately giving the ball away at Villa Park last season, leading to a goal. I know people who swear that he looked up and angrily played a suicidal back pass, from half way inside the opponents half. They swear he deliberately gave a goal away (unfortunately, I can't recall the opponents but it was a late season game that we lost).

Anyway, more than enough to constitute never pulling a shirt on again. Listening to the football phone in on WM last night, Nigel Spine also feels that he should never play again. I respect Spink.



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