Hoofball! Spanish press bitterly attack Manchester United and David Moyes over Thiago move

Toys are flying out of Catalan prams right now as the media closest to Barcelona start to deal with the possibility that Thiago is actually leaving the club and moving to Manchester United. When it was an idea, everything was still rosy and Thiago and Manchester United were treated respectfully. They obviously assumed that the move wouldn't actually happen, with Barcelona somehow encouraging their boy to stay with the club. 

We said several times it would all change if the deal actually happened and it's changed already, with a quite bitter attack from Catalan newspaper Sport today, and their journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas. An article was put out at 4am in Spain this morning, now we could assume the journalist was a bit tired and emotional and let his feelings get in the way but we'll give Emilio the benefit of the doubt, he could have been in Brazil with the Spanish national squad which would have made the time closer to midnight.

Sport have changed their tune from saying that Manchester United are a great club to join to describing the club as not such a good destination now Sir Alex Ferguson has gone and a new man taken over. Just two days ago the same newspaper were raving about David Moyes and said he wanted to make Thiago his new Arteta and understood the role of the Spaniard. 

We covered that article from Sport and said at the time:

'Sport say that Moyes has played a huge role in the effort to convince Mazinho and Thiago, and will be a big part of the reason he joins, if the deal is completed. The newspaper concede, in this one article (they'll probably change their minds if the move happens), that Thiago isn't moving for money, although Manchester United are offering more than Barcelona would. They say it's the promise of a prominent role and the explanation Moyes has put across about Thiago being his new Arteta. They label the chance to be the protagonist of Manchester United's midfield 'priceless'.'

From that Sport have turned on a sixpence, or at least Emilio Pérez de Rozas has done it for them. He says that Thiago has a choice, either playing football 'vertically' with balls flying over his head - at Manchester United, or 'tiqui-taca' at Emilio's beloved Barcelona. 

'Catalonia, England, Barça-ManUnited, Vilanova-Moyes, Iniesta / Xavi or balls flying overhead, tiki-taca or football vertically, fast, direct.'

Emilio may not have heard of Paul Scholes but Xavi and Iniesta certainly have and wouldn't put him into those categories or be so rude about Manchester United's style of play. The bitterness is so evident it's laughable.

In just two days, one newspaper have gone from praising Manchester United, their style, and the new manager, to almost describing them as akin to Stoke City. Sport were correct, it is priceless. Perhaps it also shows that a move is edging ever closer, Emilio thinks Thiago should just be shown the door now, he's had enough. Manchester United will be ready and waiting. 

Other newspapers in Spain are also beginning to question Thiago's motives and reckon money has played a big part in his decision, rather than any wish for more playing time. If the transfer is confirmed then it's likely to get worse. 

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       Barcelona are in a sad and unenviable situation regarding Thiago Alcantara, They are a club

        with a wealth of world class midfield talent, so much so that it is nigh on impossible to give 

        them all sufficient playing time, from all accounts Manchester United have offered more 

        money to Thiago, but not for one minute do i think money was his prime motive, his interest 

         in United was evident long before any financial offer was placed, i think the opportunity to 

        be one of main midfielders in one of the the biggest and most supported football clubs in the 

         World and could give him immediate playing time was the reason for his and his father.

                  decision Do i feel sad for Barcelonas situation yes i do, it is similar to the P

through, and i must confess i was not happy at a lot of the negative comments regarding

                  that situation, or Pogbas negative criticisms regarding Sir Alex, but then you look at 

                  the  World record transfer of Ronaldo to Real Madrid, the club knew that  Christiano 

                   had a dream to play for them even though he loved United and the supporters all 

                  loved him  and so Manchester United gave in gracefully, as well as picking up a 

                   profit  in the bargain, i was so proud to be a Fan United fan when Christiano                                             for the Championship league game with Real Madrid, he was given a reception

                   that brought tears to many of the 78,000 fans that night.

                   Barcelona is a huge and successful football club on the world stage, with an over abundance

                   of fine quality players, do not damage your respectful standing on the World stage by pulling a                 

                  young star to pieces, because he feels he has a better opportunity elsewhere.



This has become a big deal for United. They are showing everyone that players are still attracted to them even though people believe that Spain is the ultimate destination. This transfer is very significant in more ways than one.

          Without doubt the weather in Manchester is not the warm tropical climate of Latin America that we who are born in the Manchester Area dream of, but for three quarters of a century i have watched some of the Worlds greatest players come and go at our club, just for them to be able to say i played for Manchester United, There is an Aura about the red devils that may or may not have been created by the Busby Babes or the Munich Air crash, which strangely spells out {Manchester United never intended coming home.} so yes you are absolutely correct this transfer is significant in more ways than one.;   





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