The question that i could like to get other's thought's on today is how can we get our striker's firing regularly .

The problem for me is we are still without a genuine box to box midfielder also our midfield lack's that creative spark add to this we do not seem to have a midfield player who can deliver that killer pass to unlock defence's on a regular basis .

It would be a big ask and cost a small fortune to get all of these problem's sorted out by one player but we are now in a position of having a owner who is willing to invest with in reason and have a manager who can get the best from these player's when bought .

The fund's for this or these player's could be helped by getting shut of player's in our squad who do not feature in Bruce's plan's .

We could also look for loan deal's .

The one thing that is crucial is that this player/player's have a good proven championship pedigree and if they have good premiership experience that would be a massive bonus .

There may be a need to fetch in another striker to cover our player's that are going to play in the African Nation's Cup if that is the case then it would be time to release one or two striker's who have run out of chance's in game time given over a few season's with disappointing return's . 



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Get Jordan Rhodes to cover Kodjia's absence and then for competition of places.

Get a left winger as Ayew and Grealish are not! That allows Grealish to be a creative player. Then buy the experienced creative player to teach him.

Not sure who these players are though...
I agree that we need a new midfielder who can play and pass with maybe a few goals thrown in.

As to the attack I think we have the players, my issue is how we use them Kodjia should be in the middle not on the wing, Ayew and Grealish should be just behind and Adomah out wide.

Sorry Westwood and Gardner have had their chance but neither have done enough to be first choices.

McCormack can be used as change or first pick while the African cup is played, same applies to Hepburn-Murphy.

Finally Flabby nowhere near the team, how long has he got left on his contract?

A new right back is a must unless Richards makes his mark pretty soon.

Agree 100% about right back J.D.H.S.

This position has for several season's been a problem position to fill with a quality player .

The money generated by shipping out the non performer's with some fund's from the Dr could help to get this issue sorted once and for all .

The need for a mew midfielder is a must as we have for a long time been woefully short in midfield flair and quality .  

The French addition's to Tim's squad never quite delivered what was intended in midfield quality for me that was money wasted this should have been spent on a proven player or player's that had experiance in English league's .

The recruiting of a midfielder of the type we have talked about may cost quite a bit of cash but as Andyvilla say's this could have the added benefit of helping with the development of Grealish add to that a player who can also cotribute with a few goal's from open play or deadball and that would help Villa's chance's of promotion no end .



Think we need to be playing Tshibola and/or Bacuna more. Neither is perfect but both are capable of good performances, whereas Gardner has been disappointing, and although Westwood has started to be a bit more positive he also has his limitations.

I'd buy Rhodes or somebody like him. When Kodjia comes back I can see him and Rhodes forming a dynamic partnership. I'd also buy another central defender as cover for Baker/Chester, because Elphick is too slow.

The B'ham Mail says Brucie is looking to sign his old keeper at Hull, McGregor. I hope that's just lazy mail talk, there are several places in front of keeper that need to be strengthened.

One piece of great news is that Hutton's contract run out at the end of the season but Flabby has another 18 months from now. Westwood 2020 FFS.

I hope that life under he Doctor means we wont be giving big contracts out again to these players.

Yes we are crying out for a creative midfielder, to help fire what is on paper a very dangerous forward line. What's encouraging is if we look back at Bruce's teams, he always seemed to have found such a player. I'm thinking of David Dunn at Blues, Jordan Henderson at Sunderland and Tom Huddleston at Hull. I'm sure that will be Bruce's number one target. It will probably come from the loan market in January and Brucie has an outstanding record in the loan market.

Do we really need a right back? Surely Hutton, Richards and Bacuna are more than enough for the Championship. As for a striker, well we have too many already. Yes, we could lose Kodjia, Ayew and Adomah in January and that would be a crushing blow. But we do have McCormack and Hepburn-Murphy to step up, as well as Gestede, Grealish, Andre Green and even Gabby, who appears to be a Bruce favourite anyway. Surely enough for four or five weeks?

I can't understand why Tshibola isn't getting a chance at the moment. A middle three of Jedinak, Gardner and Westwood certainly lacks dynamism, creativity and goals. Westwood in particular should be nowhere near the team. I agree with Mcparland that Tshibola or Bacuna would be better at least. And what about Grealish in the centre. I could see Jack as a similar influence to a Huddleston for example. We do actually have one on the books - Veretout. But that one seems to have bolted.

So one creative, quality midfielder please. Nothing else is imperative.



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