Just a bit of fun to get us in the mood for the match tomorrow. All suggestions welcome, you can even include Degen if you really want.


My guess:



Kelly  Carra  Agger  Aurelio

Lucas   Adam

    Kuyt     Aquilani    Downing



Subs: Doni; Enrique; Soto; Henderson; Meireles; Maxi; Suarez


So many other options to choose from and Kelly might not even make the bench if Johnson's fit. It's been a while since we've had a squad as good as this.


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I have a feeling that Kenny will chuck both enrique and Suarez straight back into the mix.  I also think he will select Henderson as players normally do well against their old clubs.  If Johnson is fit then he will play, if not then it will be Kelly.



Johnson  -  Carra  -  Agger  -  Enrique

Henderson  -  Lucas  -  Adam

Downing        -       Suarez


Or he may go 442:



Johnson - Carragher - Agger - Enrique

Kuyt - Lucas - Adam - Downing

Carroll - Suarez

Will Enrique be available tomorrow?
Yes, confirmed on BBC earlier that he's signed in time.  (least I think it was BBC, may have been on Sky Sports or LFC webiste, can' remember now)
Who was closet...?  <whistle>
Was just going to say, are you Steve Clarke in disguise?



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