Hull tonight. I believe a win will see us a good way to staying up, but a loss will prob put us in the relegation zone. A loss I see no way back from. If we can't beat hull I don't see lambert raising them to beat anyone.
I'm actually quiet scared and not looking forward to tonight s game.

Will tonight be the night that really matters?

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Shit or bust, a draw doesn't really help anyone.

Lose this and Leicester in the cup and we are done I think.

Like you say,bricking my pants on this.
After watching most of our games on live feed here in Oz I'm not confident at all.
Last couple of years I've backed Lambert as I only watched the odd game,most were highlites in which most teams look good,us included,I couldn't understand the negative comments towards lamberts so called by others,negative style,long ball game.
After watching most games this season in which we are supposed to be playing good passing football,I'm afraid to say he is not the man for us.
He brings nothing but negative vibes to our club,worse even than Mccleish.
He has bought in on paper,an excellent team,sadly he dosent know how to use them.
It's taken him two years to sort the defence out,even that looks weak again.
His midfield is full of internationals,yet for us under him they look void of ideas.
Our strike force is pure class,yet has set an unwanted record under him,pathetic amount of goals,lack of goals at all in games,shots on target etc. you all know.
His press talks are shocking,we were unlucky,we will go again,blah,blah,blah.
Even Oleary looks intelligent compaired to his comments.
I swear he must watch a different match .that incident with his coat throwing just sums this clown up...what a joke.
I could go on but what's the point,we lose tonight,he still will be in charge come next month.
I believe a half decent coach could do something exciting with this squad,it's a good squad. Lambert has had his go, we are dying under him,another reason no body wants to buy us. Imagine you have to pay a few million to remove this man using your hard earned cash after our other clown the owner awarded him another four years..
It's not make or break tonight,but it's going to be hard to come back if we do lose and keep Lambert.
Sorry for being negative all,but that's the way it is..
Enjoy the match,I will watch it in the early hours here in oz,then go to work in the usual pissed off mood..

i think we will win. and comfortably as well. not sure why, just have a feeling. I reckon Hull played well above their level against a off form Man City, whereas we played at our level against in an in form Chelsea. Hull will be very nervous at home, and i think that will suit us to a tee. 

well umma08 you are the eternal optimist - but your are like me a true villan !

All or nothing indeed, it's got to be that bad.

On the negative side Bruce always managed to motivate his players against us when he was a nose, on the plus side we have the silky skills of Carles Gill.

As long as Lambert resists the temptation to play "you know who" we should be ok. I've thought that many times this last few seasons only to be disappointed.

The midfield should be

Westwood - Sanchez - Delph


Weimann Benteke

Go for it play like last Saturday

I've got my positive pants on.... I've no other choice. Its that or I'll be sitting under my table rocking back and forth singing puff the magic dragon.

No matter how insane the Benteke benching was, especially considering the fact we where actually firing balls in to the box from the wings for a change, I'm hoping that he now comes back with a point to prove. You want to be involved against the big sides and Benteke would have been hurt by that. Whether CB comes back with fire in his belly or a huge chip on his should and side order of apathy will remain to be seen.

It was interesting reading Lambert sing the praises of Cleverly for always showing for the ball, always fighting... and that's why he gets picked apparently. It's just that he's trying too hard! Trying too hard to do what? Get us relegated? Pass the ball backwards at every opportunity? Stifle any attacks we might attempt to make? 

I love gritty player who loves a fight and never says die.... but they can't only have that. 

Benteke has been dropped because a lack of form.... and lack of form in part due to the virtually non-existent supply from our midfield. A midfield that was supposed to have added guile and incision with the inclusion of Cleverly. 

So will Cleverly get dropped for lack of form? Ummm nope, although the club deny it, several insiders say there is a clause that when fit Cleverly must play. My suggestion is to put Delph in the opposing team in practice matches... the rest will take care of its self.

On to Hull, the best way to beat this team is pressurize their defence, it's terrible this season, no shape, barely any pace and a nice little habit of mistakes.

We need to keep to the same game plan, but this time with Benteke up top, give him the servie and sooner rather than later the Beast will be back... if he scores one I can see him going on to score many more this season. Confidence and a bit of luck that's all he needs.

Personally I'd like to see Lambert go in with a 442 formation. Sinclair and Gill have the legs to get up and down the pitch, Sanchez and Delph can win the scrap in midfield. It'll also means Benteke is not constantly up against 3 men, he might just get a bit of space.

Gone to Hull and Back.... will the be headline tomorrow if we lose... but I'm not so sure we will... 

Come on you mighty Villa boys.... 

Just a little note, Benteke is 100-1 to score a  hat-trick tonight.... It's worth a £1 of anyone's money.... 

Boy is gonna score at somepoint...

Won't be an easy match, but no PL match is. Bruce is always prepared to go for a draw if he thinks he can get it. But they are at home, and they need a win even more than we do, so they can't afford to just park the bus. I think it'll depend on if we're up for it. We ought to be; my gut feeling is a win.

I think Lambert was right to bench Benteke and Sanchez against Chelsea. He needed them fresh for this match, and last season giving Benteke a break worked. We need the side to start passing forwards; that means not just the players with the ball but players being more dynamic in being prepared to receive it. I think we've now got the players to do just that.

Here's hoping. UTV

I know he hasn't been setting the world alight this season but I really hope he doesn't drop Benteke again. Out of all our strikers if we get a sniff I would rather he was on the end than Gabs or Andi. 

I'm afraid I think it will be a draw tonight, if we lose that will be 5 straight defeats and I think that could be us done for.

According to BBC Sport no Benteke and no Sanchez what is Lambert up to?

It's no compensation that he isn't playing Cleverley because he shouldn't be there.
Yep- Benteke and Sanchez on the bench but good to see both Gil and Sinclair starting, but don't understand why Benteke isn't up front if they are going to be pinging in crosses.

Team:Guzan, Hutton, Okore, Clark, Cissokho, Westwood, Delph, Gil, Sinclair, Agbonlahor, Weimann

Subs: Given, Vlaar, Bacuna, Cleverley, Benteke, Sanchez, Cole.

Reasonably happy with that. OK we'd all like Benteke to be in there firing away, but if he's off form he's off form. Using him as an impact sub may be the best way of getting him back on form.

We've got to pass the ball in to the attackers, not lump it in. If Gil, Sinclair and Hutton can get behind their defenders that's the best way to open them up.



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