Hull tonight. I believe a win will see us a good way to staying up, but a loss will prob put us in the relegation zone. A loss I see no way back from. If we can't beat hull I don't see lambert raising them to beat anyone.
I'm actually quiet scared and not looking forward to tonight s game.

Will tonight be the night that really matters?

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The whole bloody team are 'off form' can't bench em all.
Benteke is off form you say, does it mean that Agbonlahor is in form as he's playing?

Benteke or Agbonlahor obvious choice in my book it's a no brainer but not apparently for Lambert and McP.

Add to that we are now losing 1-0

You can't argue Gabby's off form; he's his usual self.

Anyone with half a brain can see that our struggles are nothing to do with personnel, it's all to do with system and style. Lambert is so far out of his depth it's unreal. That £5m we had for Lambert should be getting rid of Paul, not buying Ricky. Sinclair has been at our club a week and he's already static, much like Gabby is. No movement = easy to defend. 

Pathetic that Tom Fox or Lerner are refusing to do anything about it. Doesn't he realise he's never going to sell the club if we're in the Championship?

Anyone with half a degree of decency would resign. Anyone with half a brain cell would sack him. This must be his last game in charge.

Bent's just scored his 4th goal in 5 games for Derby.

Agbonlahor is a complete waste of space  ! Why does he keep selecting him. Every corner has hit the first man. Sissokho and Hutton's crosses are atrocious. I wonder will mumbles say that we were excellent again. We will be in the bottom three after tonight. If we continue to surrender so tamely in the remaining games, we will go down.

I'm not watching a Villa game again until Lambert's gone. Absolutely no point. Incidentally, that's what we'll be getting each game while he's in charge

Well another loss to add to our growing collection.

We argue here as to who should be selected, who to play and where, whether one player is better than another.

When the fact is we couldn't organise a pee up the wall.

Ok I am convinced we need a change and we need it now.
We are going to get relegated playing like this with a manager in charge whose totally lost the plot and to be honest we deserve to go down. I feel utterly dejected and fed up- if I had a cat i'd boot it right now. Lambert has to either walk or get sacked- enough is enough. Laudrup anyone? At least we may score the odd goal!
Already put my argument points in.
Agree with all .
The team is dead,gabby Sinclair were pointless,sin lairs first start so will see but gabby as a senior player,,disgraceful.
Weimann best striker in the first half,he tried to make things happen,takes him off.
Cole sorry,he's past it,Gill,again had ago,he seems to be trying to save us on his own.Benteke,couldn't,beat a player,had that chance at the end but again poor movement.
Midfield huffed. And puffed but wasn't effective as a defence or attacking link up.
Defence looked comfortable,well hull did only have 3 strikes on goal,yes they scored 2. Guzon ,no chance with either goal.
Away fans,loads and patient till 10 mins to go then let ripp.
Lambert,,void of ideas,looks like a dead man walking.
We need a change because we are rubbish,no threat at all.
Hull were not in the game ,gave nothing like us but won in comfort.
Bottom 3 now and no confidence.
Sad night on another poor season.

We're in the smelly stuff big time. I don't know what goes on on the training field but the whole basis of playing a passing game is that you have players making dangerous moves and the player with the ball seeing those moves and putting in the pass. We were nowhere near good enough to put them under pressure. Something tells me that the players do have the skills, to a fair extent, but they look as though they've never played together before, at least where it matters in midfield. In fact, they seem to be getting worse.

Hull were pretty poor. No wonder they're down near the bottom. But in the end they won comfortably. This can't go on. Lambert's had more than enough chance. He can't do it. He has to go.



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