After a first half of typically dour Lambert type play -not to be unexpected with his backroom staff running things - Sherwoods impact upon the 2nd half proceedings really do give us hope for the future ?

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We've had plenty of dour first halves this season (although today individually the players were OK, the build-up wasn't), followed by a livelier second half; trouble has been we haven't found the net and also that's usually when we concede. Difference today was that in the second half we started to tackle the core of the problem, that of the midfielders not pressing forwards hard enough to pressurise the opposition defence. If Sherwood can sort that out properly then we could become an attacking successful side again.

Lot's to be cheerful about. Bacuna showing the positivity we know he's got. Sinclair getting into dangerous positions and scoring (first for 2.5 years). Cleverley having a very good game. Benteke being up for it. The defence mainly playing well, as usual (thought Cissokho had a good game). Plenty for Sherwood to build on.

i think Sherwood will motivate them all enough to get us out of trouble, but have doubts about the long term success that he will be able to bring...

but we will see what happens. Looking forward to the FA Cup draw as well :-)

Its just nice not to be dreading the next game.

Stoke are short defensively at the moment, and has lost some of their potency upfront with Bojan being injured, we can take the game to them and win... The key with the Stoke game with be stretching them and getting in behind them.... Blackburn did this perfectly exploiting the space in behind them and their lack of pace.

I hope Gil is fit to come back in...

Sinclair should start on the opposing wing...

Who will start up front? Gabby or Weimann? I'd like to see Andi get the chance to show what he is about up front. He's no winger an not a player who can make play, but watch him run in and around defenders... 

I would like to see Gil, Sinclair and Bacuna ALL play. If that means Bacuna being one of the midfield 'three' then so be it. Drop Westwood. Oh and that means no guaranteed return for Gabby either. No room.

With Sanchez, Richardson, Cole, Grealish, N'Zogbia, Weimann, Gabby as spares, what options we have!

Gabby is injured, and had an operation. He posted a pic on his instagram. 

I wouldn't drop Westwood. I think he is quality, and much better than Cleverly. His tick tock passing is integral to that midfield…..

A lot has been said of the midfielders not passing forwards quick enough, and Westwood is the player with the quality to do that. Also have you not seen how composed he is on the ball? I think he is easily the best technical midfielder we have had since Petrov. 

To be honest, I would pair Delph with Sanchez. I think Cleverley has been useless but I just wonder if Sherwood may get the best from him. Westwood is just a consistent 6 out of 10. Doesn't have the quality to be a playmaker, which is what Lambert thought he was. I would certainly play Weimann alongside Benteke, in a 4-4-2. He may therefore be a good option from the bench and for me, Gabby wouldn't be on the bench.
I take what is said about Weimann and maybe he should be in there with Benteke.

I think though that out midfield/attach should be

Gill. Sanchez. Delph. Bacuna.

Sinclair. Benteke.

I would use Weimann as an impact sub for now, as I would Westwood. Cleverley and Gabby should be nowhere near the team. With Sanchez as an anchor I see that as a very attacking side. Delph needs to pull his socks up as well or Westwood will take that place.

Sherwood has the problem that he doesn't, yet, know the players, though he may have a better idea by Saturday. He might stick to something close to what he saw on Sunday. Thoughts:-

Bacuna - ought to play. We need somebody with attacking instincts and he's got it, and he's good linking up with other players.

Cleverley - ought to play. He was possibly our best player on the field on Sunday.

Benteke - has to play. Period.

Westwood - not sure, wasn't 100% at his best on Sunday.

Sanchez - could be a good call, particularly against Stoke

Delph - is it me or is it his decision making poor? Has had little impact coming back. Wouldn't bother me if he was dropped.

Sinclair - we have somebody with great potential there. Not sure if I wouldn't use him as an impact sub for this match, though.

Weimann - probably done enough to play. If we're getting more midfielders forwards it should benefit him.

I'd be tempted to go either for:-

Bacuna Sanchez Westwood Cleverley

Weimann Benteke


Bacuna Sanchez Westwood Cleverley Sinclair


With a bit of luck, Sherwood will have a bit more tactical nous than any of us. Surprise us, Tim.

What about Gill
Don't agree regards cleverly.
Herd his name mentioned 3 times on Sunday.
He did one excellent track back In the second half but nothing else,no killer ball.
Westwood gave the ball away loads but was involved in every breakdown,tried to put balls through,tracked back more etc,for me cleverly should be dropped.
For what he is supposed to bring to our squad,he is not doing it.
I would rather have Sinclair in front of the midfield,linking them up with the strikers

For me its got to be...


Hutton  Vlaar Clark Cissoko

Westwood Sanchez

Gil    Delph    Bacuna


Subs : Guzan, Okore, Weimann, Grealish, Sinclair, Cleverly, Baker

Then if we need to go 442, Westy or Delph make way and Weimann goes up top. 

It'll be interesting to see what TS thinks of Grealish.... Also saw some interesting stats about Gardner at forest the other day, he's been deployed as a holding midfielder. Doing the dirty side well and conducting play very nicely... will be interesting to see if he finally gets a chance. 

We've heard good things about Burke and Drennan for a long time too.... 

Gil may still be injured. Sinclair may not yet be fully match fit so starting him on the bench makes since.

Don't understand the comments about Cleverley, thought he was up for it, roamed far and wide and linked up well, thought he had a better game than Delph. Some commentators thought he should be man of the match.

Scott Marshall has gone. Somehow thought he wouldn't have the right chemistry to work with Sherwood.



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