& so totally hung over - scoring 4 goals - did I celebrate big time, the ouzo got some hammer !

After sobering up I watched replays - 1st half good play especially the kids but second half Brucies

tactics started to show & we were starting to get overrun by possession - what is it with this clown ?

but I think now that the players old & young are saying to Brucie 'we can play attacking football'

so will you not let us ? Watching Brucie before they scored gesticulating at players getting forward - get back hold the line ! - He was ignored & thankfully we ran out worthy winners - but the defence is shite !

I have no probs with opposition scoring goals as long as we score more.

I am really struggling with this clowns tactics - he sets a team not to concede which cannot score  but leaks goals like a sieve - yesterday was more open with the kids given free rein - & didn't they do well.

Terry & Whelan over paid past its ! Hutton had a bad game but up to this one he has put in 100%

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If we hadn't scored in the first half we'd have lost it. Luckily Norwich have a defence which is a bit brittle and we found the chinks in the first half. They upped their game in the second so full marks to Hourihane and the other players that when they hit us we hit them back.

I'm convinced by this that we do have a good squad, capable of gaining promotion. I'm not all convinced that Bruce is the manager to get us there.

Not worried by Wigan. Hope Bruce takes a risk like he did against Chesterfield and plays the kids. If we lose it'll still be worth it. But I think the enthusiasm stands a good chance of taking us through.

Bristol C is a test. We ought to beat them, but Bristol have a knack of winning against teams who don't perform. So will Bruce send us out to take the game by the scruff of the neck, or will he revert to defensive mode, in which case we could have another dire performance and a loss?

I'm pleased you are OK Greek, as we hadn't heard from you I thought maybe you had a heart attack as we actually played well for the first time in ages!!

We should (SHOULD) beat Wigan no matter what team is sent out, I hope he plays some kids.

Bristol is a challenge, we need to approach it as we did Norwich and attack. Jedi will most likely be back in. Can Davis do it again, he is only 19 and we must not put too much pressure on him.

I hope Gabby back twinge persists!!

Let's just hope Bruce take's the " If its not broken don't fix it " approach .


Rizla01 .

Looks like another decent win tonight, this time with a completely new 11. OK it is only against Wigans 2nd 11, but success breeds success.

Kick on boys...

Four more goals, more kids played - I'm loving this version of the Villa!!

OK it was only Wigan but this will be a confidence boost for the goal scorers and the kids so all good!

OK I'm generally critical of Bruce but he deserves the credit for this 4-1 against Wigan. Played kids like I hoped he would. Think Wigan played their second Xl, but even so there was a lot to take from that match.

Should lift a lot of spirits around the club. Hope he's equally bold against Bristol C.


Check out the goals from tonight, suddenly we are banging in great goals, I hope we can now keep this up.....

It's just what Hogan needs to boost him, looks like Flabby won't get a look in. Fantastic.



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