Hello there Villans. Happy there aren't we with 1 point yesterday at the Hawthorns? Some of you think that would be enough for you to survive this season. I hope not.
I sincerely hope that you get relegated. Alex McLeish did a terrific job first at Birmingham and now at Villa. If manages to go down I think he must definitely be knighted for his services to football. I think the Premiership would be good without hoofball teams like you. Teams like Wigan, Swansea deserve to stay up for their entertaining football.
I would rejoice if you go down and your rivals don't get promotion too as it would mean 2 less boring hoofball teams in the league. Also how can I ever forget your cocky and arrogant fans giving it to Arsenal when you were challenging for the top4 spot 3 years ago. For that arrogance you deserve relegation.
I have never seen such a drab team anytime. Even Stoke play a very organized and decent brand of football than your lot under McRelegator. How he is the 20th most paid manager in the world is beyond me though.
I do expect angry reactions from your fans though. I won't mind them because you have been pathetic. This was probably my last article on SW So bidding you goodbye into the Championship. That's where you belong. I would defo come to drop you all there if it happens. ADIOS

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"happy there aren't we?"

Someone clearly failed their English GCSE
How long did it take red Ian to put these thoughts together, never mind type this BS villains? How dare Villa or anybody else have the temerity to challenge the media fed, champions league engorged "Top 4"

In terms on a singular destination, where exactly is the Championship anyway? 

We can seemingly only apologise to red Indian and others like that aptly named twonk Chronic for the hoofball synonymous with our great club itself!

We realise that this has nothing to do with McLueless and his coaching staff whatsoever. 

"How he is the 20th most paid manager in the world is beyond me though."

its beyond me as well. Actually it is a f ing joke!

Tbf Tottenham would be well respected if they achieve top4 as would Newcastle. Not even the Sky would bear any grudges against them for breaking the traditional barriers. But Villa ought to be relegated for the dross they have served this season for the audience. Yes and the Grammar Nazis should get over from their high grounds.
To the poster who said he doesn't know where the championship is I clearly meant the nPower Championship of course. I suggest you to better get accustomed to that league because that's where you are heading towards. Goodbye and see you next season when hopefully you come to our place for some FA/Carling cup 1st/2nd rounds because that's the only time you'll be playing against premiership teams.
Top Corner
Very confident there aren't we? Although if I were you I wouldn't put my money on that.

i would happily put money on us staying up Red_Indian. Care to wager?

1. I respect Man U for all they have achieved, though I don't particularly like them.

2. You raise some good points, undoubtedly Swansea and Wigan do deserve to stay up, they have played some amazing football at times. But Villa are an institution in the Premier League, we didn't play bad football aesthetically last season but were in a relegation fight. Did you want us to go down then? If so, your points about wanting us to go down cos of the football we play are invalid. If not, then surely it is exclusively an issue you have with McLeish not Villa? Why punish the fans too?

3. Arsenal fans gave it to us big time about Young Vs Nasri, thats where it all begun. This season Young has probably been the better player.

4. I expected not to receive much support from other teams, all teams want the "big" clubs to have an embarrassing season or two. Many people wanted the Geordies to go down 3 or so years ago.

5. I'm aware you enjoy provoking reactions so I hope my debate here has been quite objective :)

Ha ha. Nice response Red Indian. Get over from their high grounds. I know  what the Championship is Thankyou. It's just that you describe it quite literally as a singular destination and offered to drop us off there yourself?!  :D Do Mass.
Dear red Indian, just got off a plane and I'm glad to say it landed on the Tarmac!
How's the capital looking? A long way from Manchester me thinks,buy the way Manchester is a city in the north west of England and not a program on sky sports!
How's that true team in Manchester going? The one that has pulled back 11+ points and beat your London team 6 something !
Come on city, true fans,loyal,and a good bunch of fans ,just like us villa fans,not like you plastic glory hunters from south or was that china,not sure!
With a new manager and a brighter younger squad
In the Championship of course.
Some of you are getting quite touchy it seems. You remind me of a 16 year old girl on her periods.


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