Sorry, I would never usually click on a link to the Daily Mail let alone confess to have but its about Ronaldo so couldn't resist.

Let it be known I don't for one second think this is true, but as the article says, we can dream :D.

"Cristiano Ronaldo came to London just before Christmas.
He was a guest at a tennis tournament, the ATP World Tour final between Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the O2 Arena. It was a major event and football was well represented.

Earlier that morning, it was claimed, Ronaldo was seen at Les  Ambassadeurs, a private club and casino near Hyde Park. He was with his agent, Jorge Mendes, and most intriguingly David Gill, the chief executive of Manchester United. At no stage has this meeting been confirmed by any of the parties, but the talk will not subside, either. Of course, there are some fevered imaginations in football; in the press box, too.

Equally, Ronaldo, Mendes and Gill might have come together entirely by chance. Les Ambassadeurs is a common haunt for football people. All three men are acquainted and are known there. If Gill found Mendes and Ronaldo having coffee, why wouldn't he join them? Newspapers often get tips about supposed clandestine discussions that turn out to be nothing more sinister than old friends bumping into each other on familiar territory.

Indeed, if Gill was conducting top-secret business, he would hardly choose a venue crawling with football people and the odd newspaper man. He would have more chance of  keeping this appointment quiet had Ronaldo waited for him with a red carnation under the giant clock at Waterloo during rush hour.

So, having now ridiculed Ronaldo's rendezvous with a senior Old Trafford executive as at worst fictitious and quite possibly accidental, only one question remains. Suppose there is something in it? Oh go on, dream.

Suppose Manchester United genuinely have a chance of enticing him back? Would that not be the greatest coup? Wouldn't that throw this idea of Manchester City dominating the  fading force that is United for a loop?

How about offering a fair exchange, no robbery deal, and give Madrid back the £80million that they paid? Sounds excessive? Well, Fernando Torres cost Chelsea £50m and Ronaldo is certainly worth more than that. Then factor in multiple league title wins - every chance with Rooney and Ronaldo together again - and the stealing of City's thunder. Consider also that £80m is only what United received for Ronaldo, and would not represent additional outlay as he has never been  supplanted with an equivalent marquee name.

Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia are good players, but neither can be considered  Ronaldo's replacements. Messi aside, who could make that claim? So here's hoping. Here's hoping that Gill, Mendes and Ronaldo did team up in Les Ambassadeurs that day, and it wasn't just coincidence, and there was something in it and, when the last coffee cup was drained, both sides agreed they really must do this again, perhaps somewhere more private next time. Because we miss him. English football misses him, and United certainly miss him."

So, a few choice paragraphs to give you the main jist of the article. Read the full article here:

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United fans and Ronaldo,please just let it go.

He was/is a great player but he aint coming back!!

Sorry for being harshly blunt,but that (to me) is the reality.

more rumours today in the express, I wish there was an ounce of truth it it but doubt it!



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