Whether Cole's reaction to his goal yesturday actually showed up anything, couldn't help but recognise his seeming lack of enthusiasm, as if he was almost not a part of it and knew his time was coming to an end? Of course it could just be the fact there was 5 minutes left, and his goal shoud've been kept out, but was maybe expecting a bit more in terms of relief for him or something?


Shame really, was so genuinly excited when he signed, really thought he was the creativity we needed, turned out he is no Suarez eh?!


Don't think he fits into FSG's thinking, with the age etc.. probably safe to say now anyway that he is no where near our strongest first XI, if playing the 4-2-3-1 then the '3' IMO being between Kuyt, Raul, Stevie and Suarez depending on injuries, and the likes of Maxi in reserve, this not even considering the almost certain fact that at least one attacking signing will be made by KK.


No doubt in my mind he'd of loved to become a hero figure with us, and i believe he always gave 100%, just believe we captured him 2 or 3 seasons too late, wish him look anywhere he goes though i guess, unless it's to Spuds!




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To be honest I was disappointed as a Chelsea fan to see him join you. I expected him to be a superb signing. Towards the end of last season he was actually playing quite well, and I didn't think he was getting the chances he deserved. Looks like Carlo made the right decision though!
Can you see future for Maxi as a squad player?

Read something interesting by Jamie Redknapp this morning, he said: "if Liverpool get there 2 out and out wingers in the summer, will there be room for Dirk Kuyt?"

I kinda think this is saft, the more flair players we have, the more we need Dirk to compliment them with his work ethic, plus, the lad can do a good job IMO!



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