Ice Hockey and fights go hand in hand but occasionally they take the fighting more seriously than shoving and pushing.

The game between New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers was one of these occasions. As the third period of the match started, there was no time to be wasted on actually playing ice hockey and the players central to the action threw their helmets to the ice and started a good old game of fisticuffs.

It's quite hard to scrap with several layers of padding on but they tried their best, exchanging punches and doing well to stay upright whilst fighting on ice, quite a skill in itself and perhaps an idea for a whole new sport. 

Other players took inspiration from their lead and fights broke out across the ice, the officials pretty much powerless to do anything about it. The crowd were not concerned and simply changed from cheering their team on to cheering their individuals in their own little brawl. 

Have a look for yourself:


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