We are not getting promoted from the Championship next season are we?

Seriously, cmon. If you take the delusion, the hope and the denial out of the equation - we are going to be nowhere near good enough to go up from what is a notoriously difficult league. 

We haven't the characters in the dressing room - we haven't a manager - we haven't the strikers - and we haven't the quality in defence or midfield - and not all of these things will be fixed in the summer. We are foolish to think even two of these will be.

The only way it would happen is if our spirit, form and aptitude changed a 180 degree turn like Leicester's did last year - and if we are all honest that is not going to happen.

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Can't see the point of looking at things this way. Everything is up in the air. True, we don't have a manager. But we will, one way or another. We have an unbalanced team, we have some players who we expected to be a strength who have let us down (Richards, Lescott, Guzan, I'm looking at you) and others who should have been out of the door (Gabby, N'zogbia, Richardson) but who are still there (just), but this can be corrected. We will start to see how things are when we know who the manager is, we will have a much better picture when the squad revamp really gets going. Judge it then; pessimism now is pointless.

All things are possible. We could drop down to League 1, but I think that's very unlikely. The question was put to Sherwood last night on MOTD and he said no, he was quite optimistic; we had some good players, the club had strengths,  and with the right additions we could come back up quickly.

Yep, the Championship is a difficult league, largely due to length of season; you need depth to the squad. But the individual teams aren't great, and three teams have to be promoted, whatever. It's not ridiculous for us to aim to be one.

You're right Umma we have no chance of being promoted with the current set up.

But things will not be like that in August, we will have a new manager, we will have some new players and we will have lost some.

My biggest concern is offloading the guilty parties, we know N'Zogbia is gone but he has shown the way to play the system and take the money.

We need rid of Guzan, Hutton, Richards, Lescott, Richardson, Cissokho, Westwood, Sanchez and Agbonlahor as a minimum, We need to keep most of the French intake and supplement with players who will run through walls for us.

The talk about the league being tough is over done in my book, have you watched any of these teams play? They have players whose control of the ball is worse than Agbonlahors.

For now we have to trust our new board to get things right and be tough with the dross and get rid.

I know its all doom and gloom now but who knows what changes are on the horizon?

We will have a new coach, the new board  seems to be heading in the right direction plus  lot of this dead squad will be moved on.

I am looking forward to the rebirth or rebuilding of our club.

It's already started behind closed doors so who knows what might happen.

Can't see us going down again like some pundits are saying so stay positive .  

If's but's and may be's are all well and good but if you take a honest overall look at the shamble's of a set up both on and off the field we have witnessed for the last 4/5 season's at Villa then it is no wonder some fan's have outlook of it cannot be done .

That said however we are witnessing significant change's to staffing at our club both on and off the field which will have a great deal of effect regarding our performance's next season .

The out come of these change's is quite literally up in the air at the moment but we as fan's have to give this new set up including the new manager when appointed along with the new player's he will undoubtedly fetch in time and support to get thing's right not immediately demand success in the fist few game's .

The outcome of this support instead of impatience from fan's wanting overnight success could be due to the season's length in the championship come as a welcome and pleasant surprise to us as fan's of a.v.f.c and we could if all go's to plan with support from all involved with the club we may get back into the Prem at the first time of asking .



Oh the irony, 50 - 100 non playing staff to lose their jobs.

N'Zogbia on £ 63,000 per week.

Who said life was fair, footballers have a one way contract.


I read somewhere that under Fox last season the non-playing staff increased by around 50, astonishing when you reckon that we were trying to cut costs. Some of it was in sales of merchandise. I wonder where the cuts are falling.

I somehow doubt shirts with Nzogbia, Agbonlahor, Richards, Lescott, Gestede, Westwood, Hutton, or Grealish are flying out the door.

only into re-cycling 

Which means buy one now and it could have rarity value in about 50 years time.

Think Grealish shirts will still do OK; apart from his partying after a defeat he hasn't done much wrong.

Umma you are 50% wrong mate.

my shirt flew out the door months ago, my other shirt flew out the window into the bin after the weekend's game. Gutless all around.

Personal fitness program for 2 weeks!

See Flabby has been found out, the English version of N'Zogbia
Good point. So much for our fantastic fitness coach.Yea! Bringing him back for another disaster was a great move .



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