Looking at the upcoming fixtures, I'm hopeful that we'll remain unbeaten until the beginning of March. However, on March 1st we travel to Chelsea, who have unsurprisingly regained form after the original game was called off because of all that blasted drizzle around the stadium. Then we go to Liverpool on March 5th, such is the rescheduling prowess of those who run the game.

Realistically, it will be very difficult to remain unbeaten during these 2 tricky away games. It's achievable but based on recent records at those grounds and our unconvincing away form, it won't be easy.

So what i want to know is if we HAD to lose ONE of those games, which would you choose and why? Liverpool are obviously are arch rivals but Chelsea are closer to us in the league and we still have to play them again after.

I would personally be slightly less bothered if we lost to Liverpool, much as I'd still be gutted, simply because I still see Chelsea as being in the title race.

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Im clicking all discussions,them man utd forum

Quickest way is if you go to the home page, click Manchester United and then you'll articles.


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what does it automatically update
Not sure what you're asking Dave
What I mean is the newest post will just go to the top of the articles
That can be changed, do you think that would be better?  So the newest comment is the highest?  That isn't what happens on 606.

Personally I like to read through the comments in an article but some people I think don't.


I do however think it might be better if the newest comment was at the top but I suppose it doesn't matter because if you like to read the previous comments in an article it wouldn't matter if the newest comment was at the top or the bottom.

on 606 the newest article goes to the top

I thought you meant comments.  If you want to see the newest article first then you just pick Newest Discussions.  Think I'll probably make that standard and people can choose the other if they like.

for new comments I will do what city of red adviced,thanks anyway



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