Images: Newcastle's Ryan Taylor brands McManaman '****house' after 'tackle'

Newcastle United's 20 year old French full-back, Massadio Haidara, was on the end of what looks like the worst tackle of the season so far from Wigan Athletic's Callum McManaman. The 21 year old forward from Merseyside flew in at knee height and straight into Haidara's knee.

The defender had to be substituted and about ten minutes afterwards Sky said that Newcastle hadn't been able to assess the injury at all because Haidara still couldn't straighten his leg, which makes it sound serious.

McManaman didn't get sent off and the referee didn't even give a foul, probably because his vision was blocked. 

Newcastle United's Ryan Taylor took to Twitter to slam the tackle:

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He didn't say he was a 'sh*thouse'

He said it's the definition of 'a sh*thouse tackle'

Sensationalist reporting there and not true at all. Behave yourselves.

Totally stand by that, don't think it's sensationalist at all. If you make a shithouse tackle you're a shithouse, that's the point of getting angry and saying it. Similar to if he said it was a 'coward's tackle'.

Newcastle's Ryan Taylor brands McManaman '****house'

He didn't though. You are taking his words out of context in that headline.

Martinez himself said it was a 'Nasty tackle' based on what you are saying then, is Martinez calling the player Nasty?

We don't think we are taking them out of context, Martinez put his comments in context, he explained the context, Taylor's were simply taken as stand alone and were obviously sent angrily.

We think it's entirely fair to have a headline saying he branded him a shithouse. If we didn't, we'd happily change it, but it's one we're going to stand by. 



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