In Germany they think Kroos is flirting with Manchester United right now, arrogant Bayern should worry

Cesc Fabregas isn't the main man at Barcelona, he's never likely to be with the twin princes of Lionel Messi and Neymar the top worldwide talent and a group of Catalans who've been at the club since they were children the thinking fans' favourites. Fabregas probably never felt as appreciated as he thought he might have been when he returned, he took a pay cut to join Barcelona from Arsenal and was then left out for many big games and shunted all around the pitch, he wanted to feel a bit of love. 

That started last summer when Manchester United spent months trying to sign him, no doubt having some kind of encouragement from him first. It was a public pursuit during which the Premier League champions let the world know he was the man they wanted.

In Spain they started to worry and the fiercely, and often childishly, loyal Catalan press set about doing what they could to help keep Fabregas. Flattery, pleading, and sending insults to Manchester United were the order of the day. Barcelona themselves came out fighting and then had to ask Fabregas, repeatedly, to make it clear at a press conference he wasn't going anywhere because he loved them.

For a few heady weeks he was King Francesc and using Manchester United had worked for him, just like it has for others before and since. Pay rises, position strengthening, it can all be done by a link to Manchester United.

Bayern Munich's Dante and his agent have used this tactic during the current transfer window and then backpedaled furiously when they found out it only really works if you're subtle enough. Bild think Toni Kroos and/or his agency is also at it.

Toni Kroos can't agree a new contract with Bayern Munich and his current deal ends in June 2015, meaning that a good World Cup would leave him only months away from being able to sign on a pre-contract agreement for his pick of clubs for a price he could name.

But wouldn't Bayern Munich be his pick of clubs? Kroos isn't from Munich, he's from a bitterly cold town on the edge of the Baltic sea, but has been at the club since he was 16. He has a trophy cabinet which would shame most and plays for the club he probably regarded as the world's biggest when growing up. 

If Kroos is flirting then he's doing it subtly, taught by his colleague Dante how ridiculous getting it wrong can make a footballer look. Bayern Munich don't mind this being in the public, and they won't mind publications like Bild saying they refuse to pay Kroos €10m a year but Manchester United will pay him anything. 

Any pressure they can put on Kroos will help them, they'll think, and if he does eventually leave then they can paint him as the bad guy. But how far can the supremely arrogant bosses at Bayern really push it? Kroos is Bayern Munich but not through and through, he's also seen the three years younger Mario Götze waltz in to Bayern on much more money than the club will pay him and sit injured for big patches of the season to date.

Whilst Kroos was battling on the pitch during much of the first half of the season, the younger Götze was been at the side raising his overly plucked eyebrows in time to the chants, and rearranging his bouffant as he tries, and fails, to pull off the mysterious male model look. Götze is now fully fit again and enjoying his headlines. 

FC Hollywood has itself a drama with Kroos and they can't be sure what the 24 year old is thinking. If they lose Kroos to Manchester United because they won't pay him €8m (£125,000 a week), or even €10m (£160,000),  then it's not a great victory for principles given what they pay others.

If Kroos and his agents are leading Manchester United on a merry dance they won't be the last but unfortunately for David Moyes and Edward Woodward it's almost impossible to know when the player really loves you and when they just want to use your name. 

Perhaps even Kroos isn't quite sure yet. 

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