I am setting up a F1 fantasy league between a number of forums. So far I've invited BBC's 606 and its phoenix forums (cliptheapex, muzz606, not606, new606, 606v2) as well as the ITV forum. I'd like to invite the members from sportwitness to take part. The BBC's 606 is closing in the summer, so there will be many users looking for a new home; if sportwitness does well in the league, it will give the forum good exposure to these users.

If you want to take part, register on zdkf1 and start your nickname with "sportwitness".


How it works:
For each race you choose the pole position, pole time, and top 10 drivers. You get more points for more risky (and hence less likely) guesses, which makes the points system far more balanced than many other fantasy f1 games.

I'll be making a separate points system for ranking how each forum is doing.

Deadline for predictions for the Australian GP is on Thursday March 24th at 10PM GMT.

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It would be good to have a sportwitness team next year, I know there a lot of 606 refugees on here who might have played before. Is anyone interested?

Here's the latest standings:

Lol. No replies for the article for 6 months. tut tut.
Will give your suggestion a look though.Cheers.

In my defense, my post was the only one in the motorsport forum at the time :)



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