A big schedule of competitive internationals tonight. With Bulgaria versus England the one getting the most coverage.


We'll add team news here as and when it comes in.


For now, let us leave you with fresh quotes from Gary Neville about his England career ""The analogy I use is if a man takes a woman out 85 times and then she's not your girlfriend at the end of it, you've wasted a lot of time.

"You measure success by achieving things. We got to the quarter-finals but that's falling short because we were not getting to European Championships and World Cup finals. Over the last 10 or 15 years, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Brazil have all been better than England. We need more players of higher quality who can keep the ball."


European Championship Qualifying
Israel v Greece, GpF, 14:05 0-1
Lithuania v Liechtenstein, GpI, 16:00 0-0
Finland v Moldova, GpE, 16:30 4-1
Andorra v Armenia, GpB, 17:00 0-3 
Azerbaijan v Belgium, GpA, 17:00 1-1 
Russia v Macedonia, GpB, 17:00 1-0
Georgia v Latvia, GpF, 18:00 0-1
Malta v Croatia, GpF, 18:00 1-3
Turkey v Kazakhstan, GpA, 18:00 2-1 
Belarus v Bosnia-Hercegovina, GpD, 18:30 0-2
Luxembourg v Romania, GpD, 18:30 0-2
Hungary v Sweden, GpE, 18:45 2-1
Norway v Iceland, GpH, 19:00 1-0
Bulgaria v England, GpG, 19:15 0-3
Netherlands v San Marino, GpE, 19:30 11-0
Cyprus v Portugal, GpH, 19:45 0-4
Faroe Islands v Italy, GpC, 19:45 0-1
Germany v Austria, GpA, 19:45 6-2 
Northern Ireland v Serbia, GpC, 19:45 0-1
Rep of Ireland v Slovakia, GpB, 19:45 0-0
Slovenia v Estonia, GpC, 19:45 1-2
Wales v Montenegro, GpG, 19:45 2-1
Albania v France, GpD, 20:00 1-2


International Match
Venezuela v Argentina, 14:30 0-1
Ukraine v Uruguay, 19:00 2-3
Poland v Mexico, 19:30 1-1
Spain v Chile, 19:45 3-2
Ecuador v Jamaica, 22:00


Let us know what you want from the games tonight, what players you want to see and any good shouts for accumulators...

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Poor Scotland. Were they as bad as they sounded on the radio?



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