Seems we are all losing interest in what is happening but we only have to endure this for another three games and then the play offs and then we can sack him either way. If we do Wenger is on the market for a job. I see one paper suggests Brendan Rogers for the Arsenal job, someone is having a laugh, probably his mother.

Anyway another win for our great team and leader then its just deciding who we play and what to go for. I am falling asleep thinking about it.

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I actually think our signings have been good. The problem has been that Bruce has had trouble in using them properly. It's him or the coaches or both.

If the right manager was available I'd swap like a shot. If say Benitez got fed up with Newcastle and left (possible) I'd grab him without a moments hesitation.

I think we'd be better off getting promoted then relegated again, than not being promoted, partly for financial reasons, partly because done right we ought to have a better squad available, so maybe I don't see that relegation as an absolute disaster, hence taking a risk in keeping Bruce is an option.



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