Seems we are all losing interest in what is happening but we only have to endure this for another three games and then the play offs and then we can sack him either way. If we do Wenger is on the market for a job. I see one paper suggests Brendan Rogers for the Arsenal job, someone is having a laugh, probably his mother.

Anyway another win for our great team and leader then its just deciding who we play and what to go for. I am falling asleep thinking about it.

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err, we still have an outside shot of the 2nd spot yet. Cardiff can still have a shock result this weekend as we had a few weeks ago. Then they have a tuff game at Derby, whilst Fulham can also come unstuck.

Who knows how they will bounce back after a defeat, lets try to be positive even if it is a long shot.

I still believe Bruce will be in charge next season no matter what as he has got the club stable again after 5 terrible seasons before he came.

Yes his style is terrible with some very strange squad & subs at times but changing coaches again is something we should perhaps do more towards Christmas time when we see how we are going in what ever league we are in.

ok, you can now all shoot me down for daring to be positive towards the coach.

Onomah starting again, Bruce has lost the plot 

Unexpected lineup with Snoddy and Adomah on the bench, but maybe a good idea if he's keeping them fresh for the playoffs. Both have looked tired recently.

0-1 to us. Hourihane. Come on lads, a few more, don't blow it.


0-2 Grabban. Ipswich down to 10 men.

0-3 Grabban.

0-4 final score, Lansbury for the last. Job done.Nothing to complain about. Resting Snoddy and Adomah turned out well, good selection and substitutions. Great goals. We're still in there, even though chances are a bit slim.

We are awesome against 10 men. Please god of the play offs, let us play against 10 men in every game :-)

Ok then Bosko we get thro the play offs & are promoted - what then would be positives ?

Bucket load of cash to improve an ageing team with a load of loanees !

CONS - our current manager will still be at the helm !

Would you trust Bruce to spend wisely to maintain premier league status ?

 Can you see him giving youth a chance (loads of chances last few matches) ?

Whatever happens after play offs at end of season Doc should be saying - Thanks but you are not good enough for this great club - you have struggled to do what you were paid for & by the skin of your teeth you scraped getting into the top 6 !

I agree Greek, but I do not for a minute think that if we go up, Xia will get rid of Bruce.

Thanks Bosko I really appreciated your thoughts but I dont  think that Xia is naive enough to really consider keeping Bruce - my thoughts of this idiot are irrelevant

but surely as a business man who is looking to maximise his profits from his expenditure then to look to a proven failed EPL manager fails to make sense even to me! He spent more than any other championship manager on his signings & loan players then struggled to find a balanced team squad & formation which only just made the play offs ? Because of the finances now in EPL we cannot compete with the top 6 - but we can become a feeder club for big money - already done, look at the players sold over last few years ?? most of which are still playing in the 1st team ! I was never a lover of MON but he is & still is a better manager than Bruce.

Part of me agrees with what you're saying, Greek. But I think there's more to it.

Rightly or wrongly, I don't think we can afford to tear apart the team we've built up. The PL is not the place to rebuild. There is no time to do it; a promoted team, to survive, has to hit the ground running from day one.

That means to have to retain the best of what we have, using what funds we have to buy maybe 2 or 3 real quality players, at most. One of the pluses at the moment is that we appear to have great team spirit, which we will need.  Changing managers is a hell of a risk of disrupting all the pluses that we have, which we'll need.

I'd keep Bruce for at least a year, for that reason, if we go up. Whoever is manager we might still be relegated. The important things if we are are then our finances will be stronger, a lot stronger, and we should still have a core of a good Championship team. The end of the coming season would be a much better time to change managers, if we are going to change.

Bruce isn't bad but he's not the best manager around. I think the club made a decision over him some time back. There were several points where it could be said that under him we clearly weren't getting the results we should, and moreover we weren't building the sort of team which could take on the PL. Those were the times to change. The club decided not to. Now, in my view, is not the time. If we go up.

Although I am against Bruce simply because he is not good enough to manage in the EPL and will waste yet another year of our lives in mediocrity at best, I cannot defeat your logic that now is maybe not the right time.

But I have a strong feeling that if he stays we will continue to be hit and miss with signing players and therefore struggle, even the bad teams in the premier are better than us.

On balance he has to go for me, when you look, for example and there are more examples at Wolves and Swansea they seem to have plucked decent managers from nowhere, playing better football as well.



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