For months now (maybe even years) we have been crying out for a creative midfielder. Though Scholes was providing the magic every now and then, his performances were starting to diminish and his goals from midfield started to dry up. We thought Anderson was the answer, but with injuries and inconsistancy in his performances, he turned out not to be the answer to the goal getting midfielder we all wanted.


Now this summer we have been linked continously with Dutch midfielder, Wesley Sneijder. He seems to be everything we want. Though not a prolific goalscorer in the Serie A, we know he is more than capable of chipping in with his fair share, his set pieces are top quality and his drive and creativity is both effective and pleasing on the eye. With bags of experience in all competitions and a huge reputation, he would boost our midfield and increase our "threat" levels throughout the league. Our competitors would realise that we are not just going to have another go at the league next year, we are merely re-loading and ready to fire again.


Even if we werent to land the Dutch maestro, a player of his type is what the majority of our fans are crying out for. Whether it be Pastore, Van Der Vaart, Kaka or Ozil. We want that trequarista and we want him now. a midfielder in this mould the answer? Do we really need goals from the center midfield?


The majority of our goals come from the strikers obviously, but our wingers can just as easily provide a goal threat also. Nani, though frustrating at times is starting to show the sort of form that we all expected. 9 goals last year in the league could easily have been 13-15 if his form had carried on throughout the season, though inconsistancy is to be expected at his age.


Young should be able to step up a level and provide goals also, and like Sneijder, his set-pieces are cut above anything our current players can produce. Valencia will chip in, along with Park and though they wont plunder 12-15 goals a season, they will at least get 5-8 each.


Our strikers are more than capable of providing 20 goals each, an amazing figure when your factor in the amount of rotation up front. Hernandez should improve barring any "second season" stutters, Berbatov has found his feet and Rooney should be back to his best as the whole media saga seems to be over.


What I'm getting at basically is that maybe we need a player in midfield capable of breaking up play, but who can also get the ball to our most creative players (the wings) quickly.


Think back to all the away games last season. Villa, Blackpool, West Brom etc. We got overrun in midfield. Would a player like De Rossi or Scott Parker shore up this gaping hole which can expose the weaker parts of our defence? Evra certainly needs protection, and Vidic can be exposed by pace.


Sneijder may be the most pleasing and exciting signing we could make. Ive no doubt he would improve us attacking-wise, however, I think our away performances may suffer again and with the experience of Van Der Sar lost, our backline may need as much protection as ever.


Lets shore up that midfield, because goals will always be plentiful with the players we already possess.







   --Anderson---De Rossi--




I think the above has a good balance. De Rossi is a good player at breaking up play, but he is not a limited as your usual "No.5" and can play the ball too. Himself and Anderson could theoretically form a fantastic double pivot and with Young and Nani on the wings and Rooney dropping deep to provide another midfield presence, it could be league dominator no doubt.




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I've said this before, what we really need is a bastard.

tcir, in your opinion what type of player is Fletcher? If we were to sign the type of player you describe would we still need Fletch? I keep seeing people describe Fletch as a 'destroyer' (whatever that means). How does that role differ from what you want to see?

All very well saying that, but it wouldn't help us against Barca. They would just get sent off.

A bastard does not always mean getting sent off, doesn't always mean kicking people Dead.


Remember Cambiasso in Inter's 2010 Champions League run?  Every bit as important as Sneijder in a lot of respects.  Biting about, charging here and there, massive will to win, little bit snide.


Was man of the match against Chelsea and was very good when they beat Barca as well.  Too old now but shows you how a little sneaky bastard, arrogant, and ruthlessly determined player can help.

But doesn't Fletch do exactly that but without the snarling? I.e. charging about, energy, will to win...maybe a little biting. Well, nibbling at least. I only ask because a lot of Utd fans have described Fletch as one of the best 'box to box' players in Europe and a 'destroyer'. On paper this sounds like exactly the sort of player you would like us to sign. So what are your thoughts on Fletch?


Personally, I agree with you - my favourite Utd players are/have been Keano, Robbo and Sparky, among others. They all had a bit of what you describe and I'd love to sign that sort of player (as well as an attacking CM) but it seems to me as though a lot of people want to sign the sort of player that they have been describing Fletcher as for the last 2 years.

Fletcher wasn't as good last season, even before the illness. Wonder how long it would be until he gets that back, if he can.
If De Rossi can be signed (and I remain doubtful of this) then I'd like to see us go all out to sign him. He's a very good all round midfielder who can do the dirty work and has the technique and passing ability to help out in a creative sense. Anderson is similar (or at least could be) and to have 2 guys in the centre of the park, both capable of playing in a box to box role would be of real benefit to United imo.

Yeah. When I mention De Rossi, its not because I think we will sign him. Thats very doubtful.


However, a player in that mould would be ideal.

Lucio forgive me for high-jacking your article but on a related note (some posters' including my preferred target for the central midfield berth) Arturo Vidal is on his way to Juventus reportedly for between 10-12m Euros.,19528,11881_7051906,00.html


I know we weren't linked in the press but can't help but feel we've missed a trick especially at that price.  

I thought for sure he was heading to Bayern. Juve are really splashing recently.

Leverkeusen don't want to sell to Bayern/domestically.


Juve's parent company released between 50-70m Euros for the summer transfer market (actual figure was between 120m - 190m Euros; used to plug debts/working capital). Having paid to make some of their loanees permanent transfers I expect them to have about 40m Euros left for Vidal & most likely Rossi.


Again sorry to detract from the original article but it appears De Rossi is in the last 12 months of his contract (didn't know this) & isn't certain to re-sign. Some press-reported interest but doesn't seem concrete.

Maybe Juve would be a nice outside bet for Serie A (ok, not quite an outside bet, but should break the Milan/Inter cycle)


Didnt know De Rossi was in his final year. Which makes him a very attractive choice to shore up the midfield. Should be mouth watering financially also.


Saying that, I cant see him leaving Italy.



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