That we really do have to sell our best assets to survive ?

Grealish & Chester ! next season will be built around these two - yes I know we will lose a lot of good loanees

but also rid of a lot of old deadwood - I wont name em -'Bruce' for a start !

Financially it now proves that yet again we paying over the  top wages to has beens !

How have Wolves & Cardiff survived in EFL & not had to sell their assets - even Fulham managed it !

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Nope. Wrote a bit on Vital Villa about it. Whatever the truth is, take everything that Liverpool academic said with a pinch of salt. He doesn't know anything about Villa's actual finances, and everything he said was based on a whole load of unsubstantiated assumptions.

Wyness said some time ago that we were prepared for whatever happened. Our actual net expenditure over the last couple of seasons has actually been quite low, in the main due to being forced to meet FFP regulations, which involved taking our losses in the last couple of seasons of being in the PL into account.

Think we'll have to be even leaner and meaner this coming season, but that may not be a bad thing. Perhaps we'll have to make full use of our bench warmers, rather than flog them off at bargain basement rates. Maybe we'll need a manager who can do just that.

Let's face it guys, the only one's who know are Dr Tony and the board. We have to hope that they have a plan for missing promotion and I am sure that they do.

I feel that we will be OK and pushing for promotion next season one way or another.

We must keep Grealish, Kodjia and Chester, build around that spine, we have Whelan, Jedi and Bjarnasson, I'd be OK losing one of those (preferable Whelan). I'd like Barnie given more game time next season. However, I forsee him having a good World Cup and being sold for a decent profit.

Time will tell of course, but life goes on.

Latest bit of media speculation is that Xia is ready to sell and a "consortium of British businessmen" are out to buy (Sun).

Don't believe it.

The first of many many speculative stories this summer. Roll on August so we can back to playing.

Looks like there’s more to this than we knew. Wyness has been suspended, HMRC have threatened us with a winding up order due to an unpaid tax bill that we are trying to pay in stages. Guess the finances are worse than we thought.

It’s been some time since the final and we’ve done nothing which suggests a lack of plan. 

That's how it is looking Andy. Is this the slippery slope, points deduction, League 1, new owners build from scratch and rise like phoenix a la Southampton, Bournemouth.

Or is the story exaggerated? I see reports stating Wyness and Tax unrelated. Bill to be paid in next couple of days.

Once again, the truth lies somewhere in between, I suspect. It is all about the Dr now.

Shocking news. If Wyness going isn't related to the tax bill then it looks like a bust up between Wyness and Xia. I was afraid of something like this, but decided not to mention it. If the "run like a business" mantra meant that the work done by Wyness and Round being shelved, then I could see both going.

Reading all the news, Wyness suspended, tax outstanding, no money from the doctor as he cannot get it out of China, potential sales of Grealish, Kodjia and Chester. How is it Bruce is still in a job?

I'm just waiting to see what will happen, so much speculation. We cannot influence the outcome.

But whatever happens VTID.

Bruce would get paid either way, so no rush to sack him. Bruce is the least of the problems at the moment, even if his transfer activity is largely to blame.

My own gut feeling is that it will all get sorted, unless there's yet another biggie lurking waiting to come out.

The aim needs to be stable finances for next season and beyond (the biggest test), plus a decent squad and manager. Who'll be in the squad and will be manager has yet to be determined.

Still finding it hard to understand why the Club find's itself in this position .

To put yourself in a promotion or bust situation is crazy the people in charge of the finances at Villa must have had a idea what would happen if we failed to get back into the prem .

The question we all need answering is why was our transfer policy was left unchecked to cause this ( i understand transfers and players wages are causing the problem) if you have any plan at any Club for any purpose you must have a plan B to cover yourself if it go's wrong .

Sorry to get politics involved but this is so much like the Tory's Brexit policy before the referendum it's unreal .

Losing one game and we end up in this mess is crazy .



The immediate problem is that Tony's been putting money into the club, and for the moment this has stopped because of the Chinese authorities. Hence cash-flow crisis.

The longer term problem was caused by two transfer windows. Bruce signs players in January 2017; it's not so much what he payed for them (the cost was covered mainly by players we sold) but the salaries they were offered. But that isn't the killer. In summer 2017 Bruce was allowed to get away with not playing most of the players he had signed, and sign a load of old pros on small transfer fees but PL level wages. Net result is too many players and salary levels too high.

My guess is that Bruce makes his case to Wyness and Round, who he works with on a daily basis. They decide they want to back him. Xia isn't a football expert and relies on Wyness and Round to advise him. Xia isn't stupid, he knows it's taking a risk, but faced with going along with his advisers or just saying no, he (possibly reluctantly) says yes.

He's also probably thinking "this had better work". I did wonder what he'd do if we failed to get promoted. Wyness has gone, maybe or maybe not for this reason. Basically he had bad advice. Wyness and Round should have been more critical of Bruce.

However, in spite of all the figures being banded about, I wonder if the salaries are that high. I gather the players salaries were £39m for this last season, compared to £61m the season before and £93m the season before that. So they have come down a lot.

Add to that Gabby, Terry, Hutton and Snodgrass leaving, and they'll come down a huge lot further.

The BIG question is, how small do they have to be in relation to the overall finances of the club.



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