Much has been written and speculated about why we bought Andy Carroll for £35 million, some say it's because we were hoping to hang on to Torres, and when he decided to do one to Chelsea for more accolades, we only had a few hours in which to secure a replacement. Others say Carroll is worth every penny and he's a star in the making.


And so we acquired him, but the asking fee £35 million. I'm asking if he's worth it. To start off with he was injured. Bad start, and then he started to filter through into Europa League fixtures.


Last night I thought he was isolated and suffered from bad service, and the nightmare of Torres with no proper support came back to haunt us once again. Before anyone starts, I'm not having a go at him, I'm asking you, can you see anything in him that's worth that sort of money?


Overall, last night's team performance was pretty sucre. Nothing to offer in front of goal whatsoever. It didn't help that the officiating was awful; Braga knew exactly how they were going to play it. They blagged free kicks and the whistle wasn't out of that referee's gob, but even without that I would've expected us to have taken it into extra time, yet we were a farce. I saw improvement when Ngog came on, but the change was made too late. Cole isn't up to the job, Wilson just isn't ready end of. We need to have a serious look at our squad in the summer, or next season will end up as another disappointment.

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35m is an awful lot for a target man.  People say he's good with his feet but so are a lot of target men.


I think you could have got the equivalent cheaper and spent the difference on a defender.

Value is around £15-20m


But because Chelsea signed Torres for £50m that value was hiked up to £35m

I do think he's a good signing though. Gives Liverpool a different way of playing.

I think everyone under the sun will agree that he was not worth the £35m we paid for him but nor do I think it was a panic buy.  It was a high price due to his age, his nationality, the lateness of the deal, Newcastle not wanting to sell and the fact we had a wad of cash in the bank from the Torres sale.


Torres was not worth the £50m Chelsea paid for him with the way he was playing either so the way I see it, we sort of ripped of the rich and gave it to the poor.

Of course he was overpriced. £35 mil should buy a proven top striker, not just one with lots of potential.

The late sale of Torres is no excuse, a better value signing could have been lined up for the eventuality that Torres was sold.

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Too early to say whether he'll even be worth £20 million at this point. The guy has been injured since December (?) so it's a long road back. Agree that the value was relative - £15m less than the current edition of Torres - steal or deal, I'm not so sure either way. He's young and English, so the price tag was always going to be inflated. I really don't think you can effectively gauge any January signings, they tend to come into their own the following year as a rule (or end up as money wasted!).


For me, this whole campaign has been a write off - the ownership saga, the RH saga, the return of the King, the want-aways and sulks. All we can do is see how it pans out, make some much-needed moves in the summer and see how we go. I really thought last year was a 'blip', but based on what I've seen this year, maybe we are (as some pundits like to say) a club in decline. I hope not, but it's time to see some results that point to the good rather than the mediocre or the bad.


Anyone else getting jumpy text boxes by the way? Very odd....

Oh cheers Wishi, I wondered becuase it wasn't like that until the format of the site changed...


Guess I'll live with it, I'm too old to change browsers now.

Well if you don't want him we'll happily take him back.


I suppose it depends how Liverpool are going to set-up and play but at Newcastle United he was unstoppable at times.

He just needs a decent supply line like any striker does - on the floor or in the air he is a brilliant target man.


That said, if he flops massively at Liverpool I wont be shedding a tear - greedy money grabbing ****!

Dunno about what the others think, but I'm pleased he chose to come here, he looks like he'll be a great addition. Still surprised he left you when he did, but yes, I guess it was all about the money...

Like I say, we won't know whether he's the answer to our problems until we see more of him in our set up. I liked what I saw of him at Newcastle, so let's hope we can get something good out of him.

In few years when he as bagged and made loads of goals people will be saying it was a bargain!
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