A deathly silence seems to have fallen over this page for a week or more.  Hard to believe we're all supporters of a team who have just won 5 out of their last 6 games!

From the few highlights I've seen, it appears the Wigan game wasn't one of our best but no matter  -  it's three more points. In two games, we've closed the gap on 6th place Wednesday from 17 to 11 points, surely cause for some celebration?

We've only conceded once in six games  -  a terrific achievement  -  and next up is home to Norwich: a big game but a winnable one, against a side still eyeing up a play-off spot.  The next two matches (QPR and Burton) are both winnable, followed by mega-games against Reading and Fulham.   

It's conceivable that by the time we face Blues at Villa Park we could be on a run of 12 wins in 13.  Who'd ever have imagined this?

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We are all in shock!!

Maybe we just contribute to ease the pain. No pain, nothing to contribute! Maybe we're stunned by some relative success.

We're doing what really counts - winning. Exactly what we weren't doing at the start of the year. Not worried about style. If winning becomes the norm it then gives us a platform for developing better football. Hope we can keep this up. Norwich will be a good test, which I think we can win.

This division is tough but the standard of teams is not great. There's a lot of games where scoring just one extra goal in them would put us right near the top. May be too late this season, but bodes well for next.

We are not used to be able to discuss our team's success .

The point is can we now finally start looking up the table instead of looking down .

Great result's more importantly we seem to have our defence sorted into some kind of order if you dont concede you dont lose game's .

Hopefully we keep this run going .



I agree with McP that the division is tough but the standard of teams is not great.

If we had this team at the start of the season I am confident that we would be in the automatic places or very close.

We need to keep the momentum and get ready for another long season with the prize in sight.

Jedinak is proving his worth and we need good cover for him and its not Gardner. Otherwise we seem set.



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