Confident are we?

Another in this run of very winnable games, banana skin for sure. The Bruce haters will be out in force if we slip up.

I'm hoping we can keep the run going and hit the top 6 this weekend.

onwards and upwards????

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Bruce haters out in force???? Don't think there are really Bruce haters. Plenty of unconvinced, myself one of them. It's up to him to convince us.

Lose this one and big questions will be asked. And so they should be. Win it, and he and us can look back on a good September; P6 W4 D2 L0. That would be a real positive, one we can take forward. Would set us up for 3 more challenging matches in October.

Suspect we won't quite make top 6 even if we win on Saturday, but it would be close, close enough to press on.

Bruce haters, I don't mean on here, but on other sites it gets very childish!

I too am not convinced yet, but we are going in the right direction so let's give him time. This is what the club needs after the last few years is stability. I'm glad at the moment that the Doc held firm.

Let's hope for one more win before the break and a clean bill of health after.

I am really hoping for a win & hopefully a top 6 slot cos me's held true to her indoors that no ouzo till we hit a top 6 position !

Is it really Bruce haters ? or do most supporters see him for what he is - a well past it sort of guy who likes to surround himself with pensionable players !

I for one still think this run has had to do with Bruce bowing to fan pressure rather than his own skill level as 

he would have us believe.

I hope he continues not reading social media as he says, lol.

The young kids have come in , full of passion as the so called pros like Gabby, Hutton that he preferred had us stagnated. Sadly the old pros were booed, which made us fans looked bad but it forced Bruce to try something else to save his job.

Lady luck smiled on you Bruce, so don't be so arrogant that it was your tactical skills as a coach as you keep telling the press.

I hope you get us up, enjoy the applause, then we part ways.

Same team.

Well, a win is a win and we have won 4 in a row for the first time in I don't know when.

8 unbeaten, another clean sheet. On a downside we will lose Taylor for 2 or 3 I guess.

A badly timed International break and tougher challenges to come. But we are now in the top 6 and just 5 points off top spot. Things certainly look better at the end of Sept than they did at the beginning.

Bruce needs to keep this run going as a couple of defeats and fans will be calling for his head, it is a thankless task if you ask me!!

Sounded like we was under the cosh a bit in the second half but 3 point's is 3 point's however you get them .

We now seem able to keep a clean sheet and not fold under pressure as we used to let's just hope we can continue this run and hope we do not get back into bad habit's again . 



We were pretty good at keeping clean sheets last season. Problem was not scoring nearly enough goals. It's 3 points, but scrapping a 1-0 win against a weak Bolton is not a great result.

We have a tough 3 games coming up. They will be the real test. Actually think the international break, if it's going to come at all, is coming at the right time. Gives us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for Wolves. If we know how to use that time.

I expected more against the bottom team but as Bosco said a win is a win and only results count.

After this little run I am feeling quite giddy.

Hope we get used to this feeling.



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