It's Villa or Wigan for my money. How do you see it?

Hi guys

I have stayed away from commenting over the season as I thought it was pointless. I was hoping we would be in a slightly better position than we are.


However, I am convinced it's between Villa and Wigan, who goes down. I am atataching a file with the last matches from each side. Can you really see how we are going to get the points needed  and why you think that is?

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I think Wigan are in the deep brown stuff now!
If we beat or get a point at Man U,that will be a hammer blow against Wigan!
Still think Newcastle might go down,the omens are against them!

Lets hope so. :-)

Simple. We can beat both Sunderland and Norwich. Look at how we've been playing of late. The only question is can we keep it up? I wouldn't rule out us getting something out of MU or Chelsea either.

It's not just Wigan. Stoke aren't out of it yet. Wigan have got to get a win out of their next two matches; after that they're playing an awful lot of matches, which any team would find really tough. And there's Newcastle; the way they're playing they're not going to get much from their remaining matches.

There are more twists in there than just Wigan and Villa.

Thank you mac,I'm sick of all this negative from our fans!
Any other fans would be over the moon with our form and effort but not villa fans,just read lionbrad s thread,sums our fans up.
Glass half empty rather than half full!

What concerns me is the way the defence gets ripped apart at times and I am just praying that we can keep a tight ship at the back. It's bad for my heart :-) I think we have one of the best attacking forwards in the league, in Agbonlahor, Benteke and Weiman. They enthuse me enormously. The midfield seems to be settling down a bit and  am enthusiastic with Sylla.

Anyway, If we could get a draw from Man U, that would bea massive bonus.

When did our defence last get ripped apart? The only time we've lost by more than a goal this year was against Bradford. What's cost us is the odd stupid mistake, like Delph's against Fulham.

Yes that's the sort of thing I mean. When I say ripped apart, I mean when our back 4 are cuaght out through silly mistakes, and in fairness caused by our silly errors in midfield.

To be honest, it does appear to be more settled now.

The delph type thing is what concerns me and I was deeply disapointed when that goal went in, as we played really well and the 3 points was in our grasp. If we had got the 3 point, life would be good now.

I fear Man.City's collapse at Spurs today will set Man.U. up for a confident performance tomorrow night - win it and they're champions.

If only City had held on to that 1-0, I suspect United would have been very edgy against us and we could well have picked up something, maybe all 3 points. 

Very different now!

This a is one of the problems. Results at the moment appear to be going against us.

Or will MU be over-confident? Can work both ways.

He he. Lets just hope so. It's time we beat them. Would do football good. UTV



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