Right guys I'm going to tell you something, I jumped in the deLorean last night and can now cheer you all up with the news that this time next week we will be in the FA cup semi final and out of the relegation zone.

Good news eh!

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Just to back up your new found knowledge Haarlem my old mucca and add my own,I'm going to win the big lottery draw and be a multi millionaire next week.
Any body else out in forum land believe they have seen the future.pass me my pills please nurse,I'm tired now.

Hey Brisbane, that's great news!  I assume you'll be buying Lerner out next week, in that case, and signing up Messi the week after?

if we can somehow manage a win tonight against a very solid Albion under Pulis I think that will give enough confidence to go forward.

The issue is breaking them down they have improved massively in the past month or two.

Benteke has to be up for it tonight I am getting fed up of seeing him not doing enough he has to get stuck in.

No Weiman and Gabby please Tim, these two are beyond useless get Siclair and Gill upfrnt with Benteke and Bacuna, Delph/ Clevelry and Westwood in Midfield.

We are going to get thumped 0-4!!! (this is reverse psychology as every time I think we will win, we lose). Agree that Gabby should be dropped and Bacuna should definitely start as he poses more of an attacking threat. Saying that, my next door neighbours one legged gran poses more of an attacking threat and she's been dead 20 years.

the euro millions numbers please Haarlem….for the club, of course. transfer kitty for the summer and all that….la di da.

Sorry umma I can't do that. Universe destroying Paradoxes n what not...

Hold your horses, Haarlem's prediction has not come true YET.

Now I'm a believer, Haarlem the lottery numbers please, I don't believe in Universe destroying Paradoxes!



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