I think it's because i said people should take their heads out of Darron Gibson's backside but i'm not quite sure.


Don't know why my article got modded, all i said was he was a 'nonentity', don't know how that warrants a AWM.


It's trolling season on 606.

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I'm not sure about this, but maybe, just maybe it could be the constant, pointless caps lock articles that you make daily which is what is modded, not so much the content.

Just an idea which I thought I'd put out there...

Shades, you could be on to something there.
I'm in gulag too.

In the past I'd have fired off an email and had it sorted in a day, as some of you will know, but to be honest I couldn't care less.

That's sad. I loved 606, it got me columns, but now I just couldnt be bothered.
In fact I've just checked. Like every single time I'm out of Gulag in draw of a breath.

606 is dead anyway, i can post anything i like now and it does not matter.


Well, it didn't matter in the 1st place but now it has even less meaning. I love it. Freedom of expression <3

Ah that's why i'm on the naughty step, i said the BBC are racist for presuming because Chinese fans are at the Crucible, they must be supporting Ding.


What's wrong with that? I'm right!



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