January Transfers

According to the BBC we have no money and may sell Benteke for £20M to fund three players.

They suggest we are possibly interested in;

Linked with: Jamaal Lascelles 20, CB (Nottingham Forest), Mousa Dembele 26, CM (Tottenham), Simeon Slavchev 20, CM (Litex Lovech), Wilfried Zaha 21, FW (Manchester United), Ashley Young 28, FW (Manchester United), Paul-Georges Ntep 21, CF (Auxerre).

There is a name in there for a 28 yo to whom I guess we would all say God NO

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The BBC know jack and just are a waste of people's money!
Nobody knows how much any club has made available for transfers so wouldn't get wound up about this story m8!
We all know jack and can only wait and see

the BBC is not a waste if money. How can you think that way of a multi-media new and entertainment corporation that has no advertisements!

in this day and age, its closer to a godsend than a waste!

No, BBC didn't say that. They couldn't be bothered to suggest the sort of player we might be interested in, because we had "no money". How do they know that? Lambert has suggested that he'd try to bring in one or two experienced players; in the past he's been careful not to raise hopes unless he knows they're warranted, so I reckon in principle Lerner will back him.

The article also said Lambert needs a fit and rejuvenated Benteke in the team, and with even an out-of-form Benteke in the squad there's no point in buying another striker.

Then as a sort of afterthought it said that Lambert might surprise us and sell Benteke to raise funds for two or three more players. Note the word "surprise".

Lambert has said previously that if he can make a case for certain players Lerner will listen. So I think the premise of the article is wrong. Anyway, with Bent, Given, Ireland and maybe others off the books in the summer, there's likely to be some leeway in what Villa can spend.

There is no way Lambert is going to let Benteke go in this window he is to valuable to us even a Benteke that is not scoring is our best forward.

Under Lambert no one knows who we are going to get he gets his signings done quckily and quitely.

Lambert has already said we will bring in experienced players as long as those players are not Lescott who cannot run anymore or Heitnga who is a shocking defender i will be happy.

As already mentioned we will be getting big wages off in the  jan/summer    an see Ireland going to Stoke in Jan,Given will probably go to Boro,Nzogbia has been linked to Sunderland,Bent will likely go in the summer so we have a chance to spend more then what we done on players.

I have been critical of the teams passing lately but what was very pleasing yesterday was seeing us keep the possesion that resulted in chances unlike Sunderland who just kept passing backwards and sideways.

For the first time in a long while i saw the likes of Westwood, Delph, Gabby, Weiman and Benteke play some good stuff on the deck quick one touch passing that i did not think this side was capable of.

Alot of that was down to the return of the big fella upfront who played some very good touches with his back to goal bringing others into play this then allowed Gabby to run in behind where he was a threat all match.

If we can add the right sort of players in Jan like Defour, Camacho in Jan i am confident we will get to see some good stuff at VP again.

That Albrighton chance had me up off my feet and I was only watching it in my room. The passing! We strung together about 15 passes and look what happened? We moved their defence around and created a 1 vs 1 opportunity with the keeper. Albrighton probably couldn't believe it hence the glaring miss but still, passing and moving who knew those worked? 

I think Camacho is too big a name for Villa. I think when people say now that Lambert only brings in unknown players...has anyone stopped to consider that maybe we can't bring in names that we know? Because the ones we know of have clubs like Everton, Tottenham interested? We used to be there sure but right now we're not that club. 

Odds on Helenius to be sold this window?

Helenius's agent said he's looking for a loan deal. Makes sense, he needs game time and it's a good chance to show what he's capable of, which he looks unlikely getting at Villa, at least at the moment.

If he is sold, knowing our luck he will turn out to be a brilliant game-changing striker.

I would like to see Helenius, Bowery and Daniel Johnson go out on loan. If Johnson goes out on loan I can see him learning a great deal from playing with experienced players.  Like Grealish and Carruthers they are playing every game in league 1 and the experience  is doing them a great deal of good compared to when they just played reserve football. 

Grealish is having a great loan spell he has scored a few goals and s making many defenders look silly with his quick feet and ball control.

A lot of teams already have quality and numbers in midfield we have numbers if Lambert could get a player with genuine quality like Defour he would start every game and completely change our midfield and the players around him would look better.

Some bad news Libor Kozak broke his leg today in a training ground clash with

Mat kendrick said on his Twitter account

Did we sign anyone yet, be good to get one in before the Arsenal game next Monday, Defour on loan?



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