John Guidetti - 


Full name John Alberto Fernando Andres
Luigi Olof Guidetti
Date of birth 15 April 1992 (age 20)
Place of birth StockholmSweden
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position


Apparently Lambert had him watched extensively last season, purchase price £3-4m... Could be a real deal.... 


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I met him when he was younger playing for City's reserves. He has a bad personality and is a bad egg. His talent is there to be seen, but he is a stubborn Balotelli-like player.

really? don't know much about him.

What's with the epic soundtrack?

Looks like a good player.

I'd take him over Gabby all day long.

In an interview last season he had ambitions to come back to City next season ready for the first team

That's hardly PL level football. More like League Two. Better than Gabby? No way, give Gabby that freedom and he'd score with no problem. As would Wiemann.

"give Gabby that freedom and he'd score with no problem"

Come on mate.

I'm not saying he's a world beater but, even by youtube standards, looks a more composed and confident player than Gabby.

He looks average, arrogant and a bit overweight too, to me! 

You may want to read this:

ah now, to be fair, you could create a gabby youtube clips showing off his best bits from the last five seasons, and he would look like a complete world beater (and over 5 seasons!)

How quickly ye forget how good gabby was for the first month or two just last season. 

I trust that Lambert can get Gabby going again. 

plus some of the goal keeping in those goals left a lot to be desired.

I love you a little bit Umma, you are nothing if not consistent.

Because i can't see him leaving, this season anyway, i'll have to back the lad and hope he proves me wrong.

But if he hasn't improved then i'll 100% wash my hands of him.


Bent made a good comment about Agbonlahor the other day. He said that once a player like him gets a ham-string injury mid-season it's difficult to get back to top form in the time available. At the start of last season Gabby was superb, an England call-up seemed a formality, until he got injured. The one intelligent thing I've heard Eck say was that Gabby and Delfouneso need to take a leaf out of Ryan Giggs approach and look at alternative ways of training; Giggs started using yoga 10 years ago and look at him now. With the right medical support I think there's still a lot to come from Gabby.



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