Through 8 goals scored, its easy for defenders to go under the radar. Not this man it seems however, as he carried to ball into midfield to set up attack after attack the only question mark that seems to remain is how will he play with Vidic.


One question for any older SportWitness members, to those of you who remember Bobby Moore in his early years as a teenager. My question isn't about style, as their from different era's, and of course its unfair to compare anybody to a player of Moore's standard. What I want to know is how well is Jones fitting in compared to Moore at a similar stage. I didn't see Moore play, so only have the odd youtube clip and a Bobby Charlton autobiography to judge by, but I personally haven't seen a teenager (particularly a CB), look quite so at home in a United shirt. Watching these past few games, and I honestly can't see him not being a future United and England captain.


As I say though I never saw Moore, and I'd be fascinated to hear your views? Apologies for the grand comparison and jumping to conclusions btw, I've got a soft spot for defenders :)

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I have actually been wondering if Jones could b the beginning of the end of Vidic at Old Trafford. Not that I want it to be but nearly every year hes ben linked with a move somewhere else and he will b getting the wrong side of 30.
I've had that thought, but I would be genuinely worried if he went. He's a world class CB and just imagine if he left and we got another defensive injury crisis. Ferdinand is rarely fit, we've got three class young CB's but after them I wouldn't see much cover, can't see our full backs playing central so thats putting a lot of faith in De Leat...

Spot on.


Considering the versatility of Smalling, Jones, Evans and Fabio and how many games we get through season-in season-out there shouldn't be any problem giving all the youngsters plenty of games whilst hanging on to Rio and Vida, both of whom will be invaluable in the dressing room and on the training ground.

Bobby Moore was a terrific player but back in those days there was hardly any football on tv so it's impossible to say.


There's no doubt Jones is a fantastic player.  Let's just leave it at that rather than try to draw comparisons.

I have been so impressed with Jones and believe him to be a great signing.


He has everything - ability, drive, confidence and yes, I can see him captaining both Utd and England in years to come.  He has that 'special stature' about him despite being just 19.


I'm not old enough to remember Moore in his younger years - was just a kid when he lifted the World Cup for England.  Also, as UTID points out - we didn't get to see many matches on TV those days.  But I am aware that he had the same stature and leadership qualities about him.


I don't see this as the end for Vidic - we will need both of them, and Jones will become even better because of what Vidic can teach him.  But what a fantastic position for the team to be in!

I'm not one to get over excited, or over exaggerate


but Phil is the greatest player I've ever seen





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