The serialisation in Spain of a book on Jose Mourinho this week has caused quite a stir in England. The author, Diego Torres, has made several huge claims about the Chelsea manager and his time at Real Madrid. It includes insinuating he was so upset at missing on the Manchester United job that friends could hear he'd been sobbing on the telephone, and saying that his management company sent out false stories claiming that he had been offered the position and turned it down. 

There have been all kinds of criticisms about his managerial style and personality in general and given that Diego Torres often repeated such claims throughout Mourinho's tenure, the journalist himself has had the spotlight turned on him. Even in a largely anti-Mourinho Spain there are many asking if the journalist is obsessed with his subject. Torres took a Q&A with El Pais to try and give his side of the story.

"I have heard for three years that I'm obsessed with Mourinho. There is a tendency in Spain to confuse personal and professional life. I won't lie, his character interests me. But I did what I did because I was paid for it since 1998: information on Real Madrid."

Torres was asked if he actually had anything good to say about Jose Mourinho and did list a few things such as doing well with Mesut Ozil and Luka Modric, although he thought the latter was overpriced. He won't make any apologies for his critical stance and correctly explained "I think the role of a journalist is to be critical, not fawning."

Torres explains that Mourinho's reign at real Madrid brought conflict and anger and therefore that's going to be reflected in the reporting of him. He's probably a little obsessed with Mourinho but firmly stands by all the claims in his new book even if Mourinho is likely to go on the attack at some stage.

He's proud of his book and probably should be, it's already caused a stir throughout European football. 

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