Journalist lashed out at Tottenham manager yesterday and ended up looking silly

NOTE: Whilst there had been several reports saying Paul Jiggins asked the Lloris question, we've been told that's incorrect. As you know, we always try to be fair so and if it wasn't Paul Jiggins then we apologise and will aim a slap at ourselves. However, it doesn't change much about the article on Saturday.

A lot of the press don't like Andre Villas Boas. It's old ground and we don't need to go over why some English middle aged journalists haven't taken to the young, suave, well educated, confident, successful, multi-lingual and rich manager.

However, it was fun for Tottenham fans and interested onlookers when Andre Villas Boas snapped back during a press conference last week and put one of the pack in their place. A journalist, widely reported to be Paul Jiggins of The Sun, asked the manger about the frustration of Hugo Lloris at Tottenham Hotspur.

Villas Boas replied "What is this frustration?"

"The frustration at not being in the team."

"How do you know?"

"He didn’t play last night, did he?"

"How do you know he’s frustrated?"

"No, I’m asking you, do you find him frustrated?"

"No, you are saying ;'what do you think about Hugo Lloris frustration'... he is not frustrated."

Villas Boas had been polite up until then and it was painted by some media as him not wanting to talk about the French goalkeeper, but in reality the Portuguese manager saw a loaded question thrown at him and batted it back superbly, leaving the journalist looking a bit silly.

So, what would the journalist involved then do? Lick his wounds and put it down to experience or show that AVB character not to mess with him? Well, this...

It was the newspaper's back-page lead on the morning of Tottenham's game at Old Trafford. The evening before The Guardian had published an excellent interview with Tottenham's Gareth Bale, during which the Welshman said the following about his new manager:

"He's very approachable. If there is a problem, or something we feel is not right, his door is open. He wants us to work that way: together, the players and staff, and if there is a problem we can always share our ideas with him and he will take it on board.

"For example, if we feel we are working too hard in training, if we say that to him, then he'll ease it off. He's still learning as well as a manager but he does all the coaching and everything himself, which is great. Every manager is different and he has his own ways of working. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time."

There certainly doesn't seem to be any turmoil or mutiny if Gareth Bale's comments are anything to go by, and he'd know. If there had been a situation or mini-mutiny then Bale would surely have avoided the subject rather than so willingly praise his manager over it. Kyle Walker has also rubbished the claims via his verified Twitter account. 

But the biggest and best way for Villas Boas to answer back was by guiding his Tottenham team to a win at Old Trafford yesterday. 

Andre Villas Boas 2 Paul Jiggins 0.

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Lets all laugh at Paul Jiggins!!



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