A statement from the chairman was rapidly followed by another confirming that JT would in no way be with us next season.

Xia thanked Bruce, his staff, everyone at the club, and the fans for the tremendous spirit this year. The punch line however was that the current mode of operation couldn't continue, and there would be big changes going forwards, mainly to put the club on sustainable footing. He didn't say what.

Didn't expect a JT statement this soon. So it appears something is happening. I have a feeling Bruce will be next. Until we really know what the changes are and how they'll impact the club then it's difficult to see what they way ahead is.

Whatever, thanks JT. You delivered. There's is tremendous spirit about the club, in spite of not getting promotion. You were a big part of that.

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Agree with you there McP .

To me Terry was a Bruce signing he was courted by Bruce alone on the golf coarse on his hols  to come to Villa .

There could be any number of reasons for Terry leaving but i have a nagging feeling that he new that if Villa failed to get back into the prem Bruce would be hard pressed to keep his job . 

Terry has done a fantastic job for us but with Bruce gone he may feel that he will be under more and more pressure to justify his wage and under the financial fair play rules this is something the Club cannot ignore now he may well feel that if he moved overseas ( USA / China ) he  could still have game time and good wages without the pressure this could not be guaranteed if Bruce was fired and a new man came in .

This is all speculation but it would not surprise me if more players were sold not by choice in some cases but to balance the book's it would be necessary .

The feeling i still have is Bruce will be fired as harsh as it seem's he has been given plenty of cash with the goal of getting Villa back into the prem and he has failed leaving the Club having to get rid of player's from this squad who should have gone up but did not largely due to some questionable decision's by himself .

Sorry Steve but you live or die by the result's of the team you manage .


Rizla01 .

PS : Now my posts cannot affect result's ( My phobia ) i will start to post more often on here .     

agree regards thanks and praise for what JT did for the club, I thought it would never work but he was one of our better leaders last season.

I hope that we keep Elphick to be his successor as he is a good leader/ player that will need next season rather than going out to get another unknown. Apart from a couple of early mistakes that some fans hammered him for, he has never let us down,.

Think Elphick is a decent choice, partucularly if we're short of cash. At the moment nobody knows what the financial situation is. My guess is that it'll be tight be not desperate. To me proposals to sell Jack to give us more cash are plain daft.

The paper talk has already started about Jack leaving how this will affect us is obvious by his form this season .

This transfer if it comes off would leave a massive hole to be filled in our first team but it could well be blessing in disguise if Grealish left that could give Bruce a chance to give the youngsters a proper chance to develop with game time also with Jack's wages of our expenditure that would look better for FFP .

The money involved reported £30/40 million could be used to complete deals for loan players who wish to stay or replace players recalled by there clubs .

The one thing i do dot want to see is the transfer fiasco we saw after the Benteke/Delph transfers buy players by all means but get the right player for the job at the right price not a load of crap players bringing nothing to the Club with reasonable wage demand's .

Grealish leaving would be a blow to Villa but hand on heart we all new it was bound to happen some time within a few season's time .



You can't buy quality. We saw that when Benteke and Delph left. Think if Jack was sold it would be a just a quick fix for finances with no benefit on the field. Jack is quality but he's also an integral part of the good things of this last season, something which can be developed further. Keeping him signals that we still have ambitions. Selling him means we've settled for mid-table Championship obscurity, at best. That how I feel about it.

My guess is that he'll stay, and Chester will as well.



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