According to Italian media, Juventus have signed Paul Pogba and he will arrive in the summer. Calciomercato say there are only minor details to be settled with his agent, Mino Raiola, and that the club have beaten AC Milan and Inter Milan to his signing. 

His agent was in Milan last week and watched their Italian Cup game, later meeting representatives of several clubs. 

Pogba is out of contract but a compensation fee will have to be paid to Manchester United. Tuttosport are running the same story and say his agent is finalising the details at the moment.  Manchester United were thought to have an option to extend Pogba's contract for a further year so their take on this will be interesting.

Pogba was an unused substitute against Ajax last night.

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hmm doesn't make sense from the little that we know - he looks quality, why would we sell him etc. But of course I don't know anything else admittedly.

Think this one is a waiting game with an agent who isn't the most trustworthy.

If Pogba has agreed to go anywhere else he will be put in the reserves immediately. Fergie holds grudges and rewards loyalty, Paul would not have travelled to Amsterdam had this been the case.

Whilst that is all correct and I'm not saying the Italian media are spot on, Ferguson probably wouldn't know. 

Of course they could. Agents feed stories to news organisations, they don't run it past a manager first.

Doesn't mean a story is true or false and in this case the agent may be pushing for more money, but it's naive to think that Ferguson knows what an agent of a player is doing or planning.

I don't think he's ready for next year, maybe the year after. I wouldn't say he was a 'complete beast of a player' against Stoke. He came on and did well for 20 minutes in a game already won.

Beast of a player? Come on, let's not get carried away.

No, he certainly didn't look like a 'beast of a player', farcical to suggest he did. Unless you want to define what 'beast of a player' means and give some comparisons. 

Of course it makes a difference that the game was done and dusted, that's why it's a good time to bring youngsters on.

It's not just me, I just checked some ratings from the game and found a 6, a 7 and a 6. He didn't set the world alight, he did well in a cameo in a game already won. It's progress.

What is a 'beast of a player'?

If asking you to explain what 'beast of a player' is nit-picking then I'm guilty.

If not thinking he proved much, yet made progress, in a 20 minute cameo against a poor team already beaten is taking debate to a whole new level then, again, guilty as charged.

He did alright, in 20 mins of a game already won against a poor side on the day, then he couldn't have done much more. It's progress but doesn't teach us much as he wasn't really tested.

Why is it so wrong to ask you what you mean by 'beast of a player'?

I don't have a problem with fans being excited by youngsters, I just believe we go over the top an awful lot. You called him a beast of a player, now I don't know if this means he controlled the game or it means that he was ferocious - this is why I asked.

You won't tell me what you mean, which seems ridiculous. Each to their own though.

To be honest I think his performances have shown lollipop and toffee crisp. He's a puma of a player and a real warthog to boot. I think he'll go on to be a soaring condor and perhaps even a mallard of a footballer.

Jeez, get a room you two! *yikes*

To be fair, if someone says Pogba was a 'beast of a player' and someone else disagrees, then the definition of 'beast of a player' is pretty relevant and it's fair to ask what that means. Otherwise you might actually agree with each other and you'll never know it.



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