Kagawa to Manchester United fake quotes have gone global and fooled many

Yesterday we told you about the fake quotes attributed to Shinji Kagawa after he had apparently done an interview with Osaka TV. He's never done the interview but it proved a lesson in how easy it is to hoax the press, not just in this country but worldwide.

The Twitter account was presumably set up for just this purpose, and the image the person used to make themselves appear Japanese can be traced back through Google images to that of a scientist living in Tokyo.

It fooled several websites such as ESPN and Setanta but even the PA (Press Association) picked it up and sent it out to their members as fact, The Telegraph, amongst others, report it today. It got so widespread that Kagawa had to deny speaking to Osaka TV following Dortmund's game yesterday.

Reports of the quote have been published by big operators in France, Italy, Holland and Germany. That most news outlets now neglect to credit where they lift information from means they get even more egg on their faces.

Perhaps the best example of someone falling for the hoaxer's tweets is an 'ITK Agent' on Twitter, basically people make up these accounts to pretend they are 'In the know' about football transfers so it's poetic when they fall for someone else's fiction. 

And we thought you could never kid a kidder! He obviously then went on to say he hadn't been fooled, as everyone pointed and chuckled, but it was too late.

Modern media plays a huge part in sport reporting these days and as news outlets increasingly want new information and to be the first to publish it, people will get caught out. Doesn't make it any less entertaining when they do.

Hope nobody got Kagawa on the back of their shirt, just yet. 

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