Lance Armstrong says he sees similarities with Chris Froome, as Tour de France hits scandal

Chris Froome today extended his lead in the Tour de France to three minutes and ten seconds. That's quite something, it should be a huge story with awe being the main response. Instead, the big Tour de France story on Saturday is that a spectator threw urine in Froome's face whilst shouting at the Team Sky member that he was a doper.

Frrome and his Sky teammates have been the subject of much abuse as they work they way around France it's been partly encouraged by a French media continually putting the idea out there that Froome and Sky's dominance looks a bit odd. There's no evidence to throw at Froome but the idea of him and Sky doping has proven to be very popular among some in France. The media are helping that idea continue and fuelling a situation which has also seen Richie Porte punched, during Stage 10.

The suspicion over Froome is motivated by a couple of things. Not being French doesn't help him but the biggest shadow is Lance Armstrong. Forevermore when someone does so well, there will be claims it's through unfair means and Armstrong accepts that.

Speaking to Belgian newspaper HLN, Armstrong said, when asked if the current situation was down to people like him "Probably, it remains a pity, but I realise that we have put ourselves in that corner and it may take fifty years for the comments to have a change of tone, if they ever change. There is a lot of scepticism about cycling, but we are responsible for it."

He's not wrong there. Asked if he could identify with Froome, Armstrong said "You mean the rhythm, time differences and stuff? Yeah, I can see the similarities. Froome is surrounded by a very strong and complete team. They remind me of the US Postal. It is unfortunate he is again and again being faced with the same stories."

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