Our biggest test for a while. Away to 2nd placed Wolves live on tv I guess.

Win this and confidence will soar, lose and the gemlins will be out in force!!

Same team with the exception of a left back?

What do you think guys, 5 in a row, or doom and gloom??

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Is it really about winning or more about able to perform against a team that is sitting pretty nearly at the top of the league ? - of course a win would be great, but I would prefer to see a good performance against a team that is liable to push for promotion - let us see how good we can defend against a rampart forward line ! A draw would be a good result ! from that we can build - 'if you can't win it ' then make sure u don't lose it


1) it will be a competitive game, both sides will play to their potential, and the result could be anything.

2) Wolves don't quite turn up, we do and get the odd crucial goal to win.

3) both sides suffer from hangovers, it's pretty dire, and who cares about the result.

4) Wolves play as expected, we defend desperately and fail to last the distance.

This is undoubtedly a massive test. Bruce seems to have saved his skin for the moment but to convince us he can do it he has to get the team competing properly against Wolves. In spite of their form, our squad is as good as theirs. If he is ultra cautious then we will probably lose, and the knives will be out again, rightly so.

My guess. He will play the same team except for Taylor. Wolves will get past Whelan because he's too slow, and they will eventually score; we will lose.

This game proves everything for me, everybody says this is a tough league even the toughest and that you need experience to get promoted.

So we have probably the most experienced manager ever who has spent zillions versus an unknown Portuguese manager who has never managed in this league and has spent buttons.

Bruce needs to win this one to prove he has the credentials, losing will be a big failure, win and I will start to believe in him.

If he sticks to the same team less Taylor then I will go for 1-2, this is a real pressure game and our experience needs to show up at 5.30.

Team same except Hutton in for Taylor. Reckon Hutton is better than given credit for but don't think he can play on the left, would have slotted de Laet in there.

Team: Johnstone, Elmo, Terry, Chester, Hutton, Snoddy, Hourihane, Whelan, Adomah, Davis, Kodjia

Bench: Steer, de Laet, Samba, Bjarnason, Onomah, Hutton, O'Hare

Results today have been kind to us. Win and we're 4th. Lose ....

0-0 at half time, Wolves just the better side, but Johnstone has only had to make 1 save.

I fear we will get someone sent off and lose 1-0. Hope I'm wrong.

Come on Villa!!!!

Yep, a big test. We failed.

Wolves' defence is supposedly the weaker part of their game. We didn't seriously put it under pressure. Their attack is good; we had no means of relieving ourselves of the pressure. It's all part of the way we play, and it's also typical of the fact that Bruce doesn't do tactics.

We might yet scrape the playoffs. But there's nothing in the side at the moment that says that if by some fluke we actually gained promotion we could stay up.

Can we improve? Can't see how. We have players out injured but they're not major players under Bruce. Can Bruce introduce some magical X factor to our play? Nope. Could we improve with a different manager? Me, with the right manager, I'd say yes.

The best team won by a country mile, the best manager won by a million miles.

Best player for us Hutton ffs.

Having said that we didn’t get the bounce or rub of the green at all.

Bruce failed again.

Second best in the second half. We played too much on the back foot, not until the last 10 minutes when O'Hare came on did we attack with any conviction.

Poor tactics, Bruce, I think was happy with a point, but to win this league we need to try to win every match.

Not the end of the world though.

Onwards and upwards.



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